What is Holistic Yoga


One of the unofficial types of yoga, the holistic yoga, can be considered as a lifestyle approach that combines the yoga practice and the ideal of holism. Here more important is the entire routine of a person’s daily life, rather than the yoga practice itself. The appliance of both yoga and holism in one’s life is the main concept of holistic yoga. Therefore, a student can practice it without even realizing, by simply following the key principles of yoga.


Translated from Sanskrit, the word yoga means” union” and it refers particularly to the connection between the body and the mind. The practice has been founded in India over 5000 years ago. Nowadays it is worldwide famous and it’s practiced literally everywhere. Its purpose of developing was to clean the body so it can easily go through energy transmission.

Types of Yoga

The main types are Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar and Bikram. Asans, or yoga poses, combined with important breathing exercises harmonize one’s body in a way that accelerates the connection between the mind and the body. Unfortunately, western medicine doesn’t pay enough attention to the interrelationship between the physical and the mental.

Holism in Yoga

According to holism’s ideas, no system’s part stands alone, and they’re dependent on each one of them. The concept requires a look over the entire system and the individual’s problems are a part of the whole. The system will be affected by even the tiniest part. This can refer to the human body, which can be accepted as a whole only when all of its parts are taken into account.

It is believed that a single part can affect the entire body, so one must be concentrated in what he or she does, and the harmful consequences of each and every action. To prevent from negative impacts, holistic yoga required deep breathing, flexibility, stress management, mental clarity and strength.

Proper yoga must be practices with the divine purpose of concentration and meditation always kept in mind. First, the stretching and breathing help the student to draw the exterior senses inward. After that, the concentration must be focused on a single item. And lastly, becoming a master allows you to achieve the ultimate inner peace but in return, one must dedicate years of practice. At the end he or she is fully removed from the outside world and timelessness is achieved.

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