4 Kriya Yoga Breathing Techniques


For centuries, Kriya yoga was a lost yogic practice during the dark ages. Thanks to Mahavatar Babaji, who revived it and his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya, who taught it to everybody without prejudice. It was formally available to a select few faithful who renounced the world and led lives in solitude. This type of yoga has its breathing techniques, and its practice focuses on four breathing techniques, Ujjayi, Bhastrika, Chant of “om,” and Kriya. Below is the outline of the methods.

1. Ujjayi Breathing Technique

This technique translates to victorious breath. To incorporate the victorious breath breathing technique correctly, slightly contract your larynx as well as the glottis. This will help you to obtain an increased control of the pattern of your breath. In a given minute, take a minimum of two breaths and a maximum of four, whichever is you are comfortable in handling. With Ujjayi breathing technique, you will feel a mental and physical calmness accompanied by alertness.

2. Bhastrika Breathing Technique

Different from Ujjayi, Bhastrika means bellows breath. This breathing technique of Kriya Yoga incorporates the use of short and forceful breathing techniques. To get the Bhastrika breathing technique under control, you ought to take an approximately 30 breaths in any one given minute. Bhastrika causes excitation, and then calmness follows.

3. Kriya Breathing Technique

For this technique, you have to take several elongated deep breaths. It is a slow form of breathing where you are inhaling, and exhaling should last between 10 to 15 seconds. When inhaling, direct the life energy or pranic energy of the breath into the heart center. This pranic energy flows from the backside of your head to your heart through the medulla. The energy reverses itself as you exhale. The result is proper vision brought by purifying action.

4. Chant of Om

As you conclude the Kriya yoga practice, finish by repeatedly chanting of “om.” This will create vibrations in your chest, abdomen, as well as the throat. The ideal in the chanting of “Om” is three times with a very prolonged expiration.

The practice of Kriya yoga poses and breathing techniques relieves stress from the body. This yogic practice has been instrumental in the easier management and handling of chronic health conditions. Testimonials suggest that the breathing techniques above have helped with the emotional and metal recovery of survivors of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina et al. Kriya yoga and its breathing techniques have helped alleviate tobacco and alcohol addiction.

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