What is Oxygen Yoga


Yoga is among the most popular physical activities in the world, and despite the fact it is supremely popular, it is still something that is not entirely bought into by a lot of people outside the realm of yoga. Most novice practitioners are still doing yoga the old-fashioned way, but once you realize how powerful yoga is as an art form and how it can be modified, you’ll realize that there are other ways to maximize your potential aside from simply practicing yoga the way everyone else does.

This new form of yoga that is rising popularity is oxygen yoga. While most of the time yoga is performed at regular altitudes, this form of yoga features replicating high altitude locales and ensuring that a practitioner learns to breath differently. Rather than being able to breathe deep and fluidly, you’ll realize very quickly that breathing in a high-altitude environment is difficult, so it can lead to a greater sense of physical and mental stress, thereby elevating the benefits one would usually feel when performing yoga.

The Benefits

Aside from the obvious physical benefits, this form of yoga is great because it brings with it a lot of different side effects that normal yoga doesn’t tend to bring. People that perform regular kinds yoga, while they do get a lot of benefits, will notice that with this kind of yoga the benefits are much more significant. Rather than simply feeling more physically fit, oxygen yoga engages certain parts of the body that would otherwise not be known to a novice. This means that the diaphragm and your entire internal breathing apparatus has to work that much harder. This makes it a great form of yoga for someone who really needs practice as far as learning how to properly utilize their entire flow from top to bottom.

Where to Find

While it’s obviously something that can be found in high-altitude locales, it can also be replicated by going to certain studios that have deoxgyenated chambers. By lowering the internal oxygen levels, it forces the body to work that much harder. Also, it is possible to practice with oxygen restriction masks. While these do not truly simulate high altitude environments, you can still get the oxygen yoga experience by really trying your hardest. Top to bottom, it is something that you should definitely consider if you’re serious about making a difference for yourself or those around you in the realm of yoga.

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