What is Hatha Flow Yoga


In the world of yoga, the variations can be overwhelming and trying to choose one that suits your needs can be confusing at the best of times. This Article is going to discuss Hatha flow yoga, how it works and what its benefits are to the mind and body.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Hatha flow yoga is similar to visyana yoga with the exception that visyana is classified as being slightly more vigorous when being performed. Hatha flow yoga focuses on continuous movements from one pose to the next without taking a break in between, this allows you to create smooth and continuous movements that join together to form one longer movement. The poses of Hatha flow are those of sun salutations and are synchronized with your breathing enabling deep relaxation and concentration throughout the session.

The word flow is directly linked to how each pose is performed. The practitioner will move from one pose to the next with fluidity and dexterity creating a flowing movement that appears to be unbroken. Breathing should be correctly synchronized throughout and each flowing movement will correlate with a certain breathing technique.

Hatha flow is usually choreographed to music with a repetitive beat to help the practitioner focus on creating the flowing movements. The intensity is very similar to ashtanga yoga but without the same daily routines. During Hatha flow classes the movements can be switched up on a weekly basis so that the routine does not become mundane or mind numbingly boring.

The Practice

By practicing Hatha flow you learn how to connect your bodies movements in a natural and calming way that also allows your mind to relax yet remain focused on performing the movements correctly.

While Hatha flow is ideal for the body conscious, you must take care to warm up beforehand and practice proper posture when performing it. It is all too easy to end up tearing a muscle when you move from one pose to another without being properly prepared beforehand. With Hatha flow, you should try to think of your body as water and get the poses to flow as smoothly as possible without trembling or shaking during the transition.

This form of yoga is absolutely ideal for beginners and intermediates that want to liven up their sessions. It is both mildly energetic and calming at the same time allowing you to relax and unwind quickly and easily while keeping your blood flowing at a health beneficial level.

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