How to Use a Yoga Towel


When working out in your yoga, you will find that sweat could hold you back. A good, soft, absorbent yoga towel will come handy as a substitute for the yoga mat.The towel helps in keeping your face and the rest of the body free from the sweat. The yoga towel will also be very helpful in keeping the feet, hands and the other body in a stable position. The question, though, is: how do you effectively use the yoga towel?

Place it on the Mat

The first thing you do is to place the yoga towel on the yoga mat. It should be placed in such a way that it takes up the space covered by the mat only.

Use Only the Yoga Towel

Bath towels or even the beach towels are not recommended for use in yoga since they will not absorb the sweat. They also lack the desired size. Ensure that the specialized towel that you are going to use has a padding that is slip-resistant at the lower end. This ideally means that as you work out, you do not have to keep putting it back in place.


Just like any other material used in yoga, the towel should be cleaned and laundered when not in use. This will help to maintain utmost hygiene at the yoga place. The cleaning can be done as frequently as the need arises. They absorb sweat fast and at the same time, they dry fast. The ease of washing and wearing makes the yoga towel highly preferable to the yoga mat. In fact, in the absence of the yoga mat, it offers the comfort you need on the floor. You will not bruise yourself in the case of a fall or even have any discomfort when carrying out your exercises.

Traction is very important when carrying out yoga. The feet will need to be grounded for the much- needed grip even as you carry out the yoga styles.

Some important aspects to remember is that the choice of yoga towel should be informed by the body type, the discipline of the yoga or undertaking. In some cases, it is informed by your decision to have one on the mat; there are those who don’t use the at all.

Use the yoga towel well to help you get rid of sweat, keep you stable and at the same time, help you to be comfortable.

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