How to Make a Yoga Mat Bag


Okay, so you need a yoga mat bag. First things first. You need to cut adequate pieces out. It is recommended that you mark the measurements so that you have a good idea of what to go by.


The Body = 30″ X 18″ (76cm X 46cm)
The End = Draft a circle with a radius of 3½” (9cm)
The Pocket = 8″ X 6″ (20cm X 15cm)
The Strap = 40″ X 5″ (102cm X 13cm)
The Drawstring Cord will be 31″ X 1½” (79cm X 4cm)

Chances are you will also need a somewhat small rectangle of Velcro. All that has to be is an inch. Allow 5/8 an inch or 1.5 centimeters for this phase.

You will now finish doing the edges, not to mention the end piece as well as the pocket. It is best to figure out a method that works well for you. You can zig zag, which is the preferred method of many. You will now need to prepare what will end up being the pocket peace. If you still the corners of your pocket, it looks a little more elegant in the end. There are different methods of doing this end so. A quick Google search can show you many.


You will now need to stitch along the top of your bag. You should aim for an inch below the edge, which will finish your pocket.

You can now begin pinning the pocket to the bag. Choose where on the body you wish to have your pocket. Some people like their pockets on the side others like them in the center. If you’re working with linen, it is easy simply fold along the edge. Use your fingers to line it up. Now you will do the same thing but in the opposite direction. You want your lines to ultimately intersect near the middle. If you need to, you can mark your spots or even use a ruler to keep your place.


You will now pin the pockets completely in place. The goal for now, is to leave the top end not pinned. Before the pocket is completely so done the next thing you need to do is make sure your velcro rectangle is attached. You want to stitch it down and put it in a place that matches well with the pocket.

You can now finish pinning your pocket. What needs to be done next is the tube. You will hold the body by link and do your sewing along the edges.

Add a Strap

Now you’re ready to create your strap to carry the bag around with. For the strap you want to fold your piece lengthwise hitting the edges together. The next step is to do your sewing along the edge. Now lightly press it and you’re done.

For your drawstring cord, you want to do the same thing as you did with the straps. You will pin the circle part 2 the bottom of your 2. You’ll want one of the pieces strapped near the seam. Make sure the seam is lined up with the strap, so that your strap is perfectly position. You want your pocket on the front.

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