Leg Stretches For Agility and Mobility


Every individual has different activity levels during the day based on their lifestyles. Practicing leg stretcher poses can help one stay agile and mobile for years whatever your lifestyle demands.

Leg Stretches

If you are someone with a sedentary lifestyle, it is vital that you incorporate some form of leg stretches into your day to day activity. Most forms of activity, be it walking, running or dancing require you to use your legs. When you perform leg stretches the muscles in your legs become more powerful gradually and allow you to make better use of your legs with greater agility and flexibility.

Besides increased agility and mobility, yoga poses which incorporate leg stretches allow you to improve your muscle tone, flexibility and reduce the possibility of injuries in the future. Holding poses for longer periods of time can ensure you gain flexibility. The poses mentioned below are great for beginners as they are simple and will allow you to flex your leg muscles without causing too much discomfort.

Leg Stretches

1.The Standing Forward Fold

To perform the standing forward fold pose, begin with the standing mountain pose placing your feet together and your hands on your hips. Spread your weight evenly across the heels and arches of your feet.
Then move your feet to be hip-width apart and bend at the hip area, extending your body forwards and down towards your legs. Hold this pose and take several deep breaths, being conscious of sucking your belly button up towards your spine. Reach your arms down towards your ankles and then wrap your hands around them, hold the pose for up to one minute before slowly returning to the standing mountain pose.

Garland Pose

2. Garland Pose

You can do this yoga squat to give you a great feeling unlike before. Sit with both your legs extended in front of you, and then one at a time, bend your knees and place your feet close to your seat about wider than hip-width. Put weight into your feet and then lift off from your seat to come into a low and wide squat, while keeping your back straight and bringing your hands together between your knees in prayer pose, with elbows pressed into your inner thighs.

Triangle Pose

3. Triangle Pose

This yoga move is often used in other fitness routines to stretch muscles before or after a workout. Stand up straight with your feet together. Then do a lunge – your left foot back about 4 feet, and pointing out at 45 degrees.
Then ”open the pose” – turn your chest, and stretch out your right arm towards the ground. Lift your left hand to the ceiling. You don’t have to touch the ground with your fingertips. It’s more important to keep your back straight and maintain your balance. Hold this position for 10 breaths before switching to the original position and repeating with your other arm and leg.

It is very important that you do not force any of these poses and only push past your physical limitations gradually.

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