How to Sit When Meditating


Have you ever given any conscious thought to your posture when meditating? There are actually many forms of meditation around the world. However, it doesn’t mean that every form should have a unique posture. In fact, there are basic elements that have been employed by people performing meditation all over the world. This has been done so that it can align the body and calm the mind.

Here are a number of postures that could be followed by those who want to take advantage of the benefits of meditation. This focuses on how to sit properly to perform the meditation. If you are accustomed to sit on the chair, you might consider it awkward to sit on the ground with a cross-legged position. This might be a good time for giving it a try.

6 Methods of Sitting Down for Meditation

1. Quarter Lotus
Basically, you can sit down on your seat using your legs that should be loosely crossed, while both feet should be resting under opposite knees or thighs. This method has been highly recommended.

2. Half Lotus
The half lotus posture is a variation of the quarter lotus. This will require you to cross your legs with one foot to rest on top of the opposite thigh. Meanwhile, the other foot can be folded below the top leg and rest under the thigh or knee.

3. Full Lotus
The posture will allow you to cross your legs while both feet should be resting above your opposite thighs. This might not be a very comfortable position for some, but others find it very effective when doing their routine meditations.

4. Burmese Position
Some people find it hard to sit with the legs crossed against each other. Well, that should not be an issue if it really bothers you to be in that position. You can, however, sit with both of your feet to lay on the floor in a relaxed position.

5. The Seiza
Another alternative to the posture of sitting down with legs crossed is the kneeling position. This will require you to kneel while putting a cushion or a yoga prop in between the legs. This is a traditional posture called the propped up hero pose or thunderbolt pose.

6. Using the Chair
The chair can be used if you really need to. There is nothing to worry about that. You just ensure that you sit away from its back. You also need to firmly place your feet on the floor, while having it aligned with your knees and hips.

Other posture types of posture may include lying down, but this can be a very effective way to fall asleep while doing the meditation. Thus, if you want to have an effective routine, you should make sure that you place your feet on the ground, while your knees are up so that you can maintain the sense of being awake. Without doing so, there is a huge chance that you are just resting and eventually you will lose the chance of meditating after going to sleep.

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