4 Advanced Meditation Techniques


Meditation techniques are effective anytime of the day. Whether you want to have a restful sleep or de-stress after a busy day at work, relaxation exercises can be a way to relieve anxiety and stress. For beginners, meditation is mostly focused breathing. Advanced meditation techniques, on the other hand, are deeper and goes beyond merely breathing exercises.

Meditation is so effective in calming the mind and body that most people who meditate regularly have already incorporated this practice in their daily routine. And for those of you who want to take this to a higher level, learning the advanced meditation techniques will help them use the body, mind and speech as channels to achieve inner peace and joy. Here are some of the advanced meditation techniques if you seek a great transformation in their lives.

1. Samatha Meditation

If you want to take the meditation techniques you have been accustomed to as a beginner, this technique is essential to build on the ones you already know such as breathing, primordial sound and mantra. This technique aims to remove the clutter in your mind and to have a better vision of things. One way to practice this meditation technique is by way of mindfulness meditation or what is also referred to as Anapanasati. This is done by sitting in the normal posture when meditating, with back straight. Relax your shoulders, tuck the chin inwards and rest the tongue on the palate. With closed eyes, concentrate on the breathing and fix your focus on the upper lip and nostrils.

2. Satipatthana Meditation

This technique is based on the four pillars which are mind, mindfulness of body, feelings and phenomena. The term “satipatthana” means steadfast mindfulness in which meditation is focused on the person’s capacity to deal with the present situation and not about memories in the past. It also indicates the facilities of concentration and visualization.

3. Chakra Meditation

This powerful tool focuses on the nerve centers within the body that affect your emotional, physical and emotional well-being. Chakras are energy vortices located in different parts of the body and there are seven of them. These are in the base of the spine, lower abdomen, just above the navel, the heart, throat, forehead and the crown of your head. Moreover, these chakras symbolize who you are, your feelings, your actions, how you love, your words, your knowledge and how you connect with the universe.

4. Inner Smile Meditation

This meditation technique deals with finding inner happiness that once achieved can be passed on to others. It is believed that by learning and mastering this meditation method, your inner happiness will radiate to other people. To practice this technique, start with the Samatha meditation and then turn slowly smile gently and concentrate on what you feel inside, in your heart chakra. Let that smile move to other parts of your face and your body. This meditation will last up to 30 minutes.

By learning the advanced meditation techniques, you allow yourself to explore your unconscious mind and see things clearly.

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