5 Ancient Meditation Techniques


There are many people who still practice ancient meditation techniques. The benefits are immense and this explains why they still exist today.Personality and culture are some of the influencers of meditation techniques as we know them. Let us look at some of them here briefly:

1. Mantra Meditation

When we chant mantra, we are trying to achieve a certain state in our minds. In the mantra meditation, a person ruminates over a set of words in a repetitive form. The mantra chanting is different from the religious mantra in the sense that we practice it with the sole intention of satisfying the mind .in other words, it is revealed speech or an amalgamation of guru-given words. The words develop at an instant and one finds themselves repeating them several times.

2. The Vipassana

This is an example of ancient meditation technique which is a way of developing insight into things as they are. When we self-observe things we are able to know who we are in the scheme of things, identify the negative attributes and consciously removing from the system what is not desirable. There are no rites involved in this kind of meditation .Instead; the focus is usually in attaining wisdom through various sensations such as pain and cold.

3. Taoist Meditation

Taoism has been in existence for years, drawing both Hinduism and Buddhism to a common trajectory. One notable fact of this meditation technique is that it is more practical rather than the comparative abstract meditative techniques. The basis of Taoist meditation is the creation, transformation and the flow of energy in the body. When the energy flows positively, it promotes body health. One is also able to achieve a state of longevity as a result. The ‘medicator’ is the one who chooses the kind of transformation that the energy will lead to.

4. Trataka Meditation

‘Sufists’ and Christians practiced this meditation technique of yore for cleansing purposes. The ‘medicator ‘focuses and makes a sustained gaze on one object.Through continuous practice Trataka; one can achieve the highest meditation level.

5. Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is a form of meditation whereby the ‘medicator’ seeks self-development and a manifestation of energy. The word itself means ‘wheel’. There are said to be 7 chakras. The main nerve center in the body is represented by each of the chakras emanating from the spine. When one utilizes these chakras well, you will be able to be awakened to self -consciousness.

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