Tune Into Crystal Vibrations


Everything in this universe – rocks, soil, plants, animals, humans – vibrate with energy. The sounds, thoughts, and emotion that we generate are also energy vibrations.  Energy is all encompassing and permeates through everything and is everywhere.  Every single piece of creation reverberates with a unique vibration. All of us are receptive to vibrations and the degree of receptivity varies from person to person. Therefore, crystals have been used for healing and well-being since time immemorial. Crystals are conducive not only for healing but also for enhancing certain attributes that we wish to have.

How are crystals used?

Crystals have been used in a variety of ways to bring positive vibration.  Wearing crystal ornaments, soaking in bath water infused with crystals, keeping crystals in living spaces are some of the ways. Each month of the year has a crystal associated with it. Picking a crystal to wear based on birth month is a common practice. Placing crystals at specific points on the body is a technique used in alternative medicine. The healing vibration of the crystals is supposed to remove the blocks or negative charge from the energy system.  Each crystal has its own energy or vibration and therefore is used to treat a different imbalance.

Technique of picking crystals.

Reflect on what is missing in your life. Each of the stones has specific qualities that it can enhance in you.  Depending on your inner wisdom is better than looking for outside sources to guide you.  If you are not sure of what it is that you looking for, then let your intuition guide you. If nothing else, pick a crystal that you are drawn to and develop a connection with it as you wear it. Crystals are known for their beauty and sparkle. At the very least, you will get compliments on how the stone looks on you.

Crystal Vibrations.

Below are a variety of common crystals and the energy properties they carry.

1) Quartz – They are pure and powerful healing stones that can clear and calm your mind and improve concentration and focus.  It is especially good for getting rid of disturbances in the system.

2) Amethyst – This is good for connecting with your spirituality or higher planes of existence. If you are of spiritual bent of mind, then this stone can intensify your spiritual longing.

3) Rose Quartz – Also known as the “love crystal”, this crystal brings romance and love in your life. If you are ready to get into a relationship, this is the stone for you.

4) Tiger’s eye – This is known for its grounding quality.  It is supposed to protect and clear the way. So if you are settling into something new (house or a job) then this stone can help keep you safe and grounded.

5) Emerald – These stones enhance physical health and bring a balance to the energy system. If there are any health complication, wearing this stone can bring balance.

6) Sapphire – This stone can improve your communication ability due to its energy property that is close to that of the throat chakra.  It is also supposed to enhance one’s sense of power.

7) Amber –  It is known to deflect negative energies and restore health. The energies of amber are supportive for starting something new.

8) Ruby/Garnet – These red stones lift up your energies and help improve emotional balance and awareness. They also enhance the emotional connection with others.

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