Myth or Reality – Law of Attraction


Is the law of attraction simply a myth? Or is it a living reality to make our life happen the way we want it? Is our life shaped from outside in, meaning outer circumstances dictate the outcomes of our lives or is it shaped from inside out, meaning we create our experiences and have the power to make anything happen for ourselves? Which side of the equation are you on?  If you are of the opinion that outside circumstances control your life, then think again.

People who consciously put an effort to manifest the things they want in their lives vouch that there is something called the “Law of Attraction”. This is an experiential reality. It not something one can fact check.  We have to simply acknowledge that this is possible. The power of the mind to manifest is well understood. But only a few put it in practice. Self-doubts, fear, and other negative emotions inhibit one’s ability to  manifest.   Throughout our lives we are unconsciously creating our life the way we want it.

The process of creating something begins with an intent, moves on to becoming a thought, which then transforms into a mental picture or visualization, followed by feelings of happiness and excitement that the thought and visualization generates. This galvanizes your energy, emotion and thought in one direction and finally it starts actualizing in the physical world. Most of us never pay attention to the mechanics of what is involved. We simply go about it unawares.  Imagine if you had powerful negative thoughts about the situation with your boss and when you go into the office, the situation turns uglier than it was the day before.  But is that what you truly want to have happened? Perhaps not!

There was an meditation experiment conducted in DC in 1993.  A group of 4,000 meditators volunteered for a month to meditate on peace and love to reduce the amount of crime in the high-crime Washington, DC area. A team of scientists and researchers observed the outcome and tested for every variable imaginable. The results showed that during this time crime dropped by 25%.

Our ability to impact the situation around us is entirely the outcome of the way we think and feel – except that it is happening unconsciously. What this tells us is that the power to make things happen for ourselves is clearly within our capability. If we spend some time thinking about what it is that we want in life – success, money, loving relationships, etc – it is very much possible to make it into a living reality for ourselves. Question is – are you willing to experiment with this? Try it on something small. There is nothing to lose. If it manifests in your life then you will want take on bigger and more meaningful things.

If you want to be creator of your destiny, here are some simple guidelines

1) Think about what it is you want in your life.

2) Spend some time with it to see if that is what you really want.

3) After you made the decision, sit in an quiet place and consciously think of it.

4) Visualize in as much detail as possible how the outcome of it looks like. The more detail the better.

5) Become aware of the feelings that this thought is creating in  you.

6) Stay with the feeling and the visual for as long as you can and enjoy the experience as if it has actualized in your life.

7) Be with it as long as possible.

8) As you end the exercise, express your gratitude to everything that will help make it into reality.

Now that you gone through the exercise, it is time to get working on your goal/s.  Thinking and visualizing is just the first step. Making a plan to get yourself there is the next step. Ensuring that you follow through with your plan is the final step towards bringing it to realization. Good luck!

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