Harnessing the Power of the Mind


Humans are powerful beings.  A few wise people who realized this truth did something fantastic for themselves and for the world. So what makes us powerful?  That fact that we are gifted with a mind which we use to perceive, think and make life decisions.  The mind is a wonderful thing – if only we know how to use it for our ultimate potential.  Most people spend a large part of their life in the chatter of the mind, and go about doing mundane stuff, without giving it any conscious thought and attention.  The capability of the mind lays waste to incessant self created mental noise and boredom as we have not yet uncovered how to harness the power of the instrument that we have at our disposal.

Everything that we have ever created has happened in the mind first before manifesting outside.  A presentation, building, painting etc happened in our mind first. Once we have a visual of what we want to create, the next step is the effort to make the idea an outside reality.  The material objects that we see around us are proof of that creativity.

That brings us to the next point. Why are some people capable of accomplishing more than others?  That is because consciously or unconsciously they have organized the capabilities of the mind in such a way that they are able to manifest their desire into reality.  So the mind is a “Wishing Tree”.  Whatever one desires to have, one has the ability to create.

That does not mean that when you just say ” I want a Ferrari” and one will just appear at your doorstep. The reason why many people are not able to manifest their desires is because their mind, body, emotions and energy are not intensely aligned towards their goal.  Most minds are confused, cluttered and unorganized. It only when the wheels of a car are pointing in the same direction that you are able to reach your destination.

There are two ways to go about this.  One is the path of faith, where you have immense faith in a Divine Being, or the Universal energy and ask for something that you sincerely wish to have.  Once you put that intent out, then it is a matter of waiting to see if and when that wish materializes.

The other way is to harness the power of the mind to manifest what we want.  To set it in the right context – all of life or nature that we are part of is an expression of a Divine Consciousness or Higher Intelligence that we currently cannot fathom.  It is also true that the same Higher Intelligence is within all of us. Our mind, body and energy are part of the same creation.  The first thing to do is to clear the mental clutter and wipe off the grime to make the mind like a reflective mirror.  With a clear mind think about what is that you truly wish for.  See if you deeply and truly desire it.  Then using all your emotions channelize your energy to visualize your desire, experiencing it as if it is really happening at the present moment.  Make your visualization very strong and powerful.

Now set the direction of your mind toward the goal and have a clear plan for accomplishing it.  Once your mind becomes organized in this fashion, your emotion and energies follow suit.  After that  it is matter of maintaining a one pointed focus and not swerving from the goal that will ultimately bring it to fruition. This takes practice and persistence.

The mind is an incredible tool. It is our responsibility to learn how to use it to fulfill our heartfelt wishes. Let’s make it happen for ourselves.


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