How to Put on Yoga Pants


This guide is for people who have authentic yoga pants. In sports shops and fashion retailers, there are many options for yoga pants that you can buy. Quite popular these days are the latex, skin tight yoga pants. Though there is nothing wrong with these, they are not the authentic yoga pants used by those who train at yoga, and they are also not something you need a guide to put on; the guide would simply be sit down and be careful.

However, for those of you that have authentic yoga pants and want to know how to put them on properly, there are really just three easy steps to putting them on. It is that easy!

Pull Them On

The first step may seem kind of silly, but to start with you pull your yoga pants up like any other pair of pants. Of course, it is worth being careful, as depending on the style of yoga pants you have, they may be quite tight or fragile. This is why it is ideal that you put them on from a seated position.

Use the Ties Around Waist

Next, you must take the ties on the waist and pull them round to the front. You must tie the strings here making sure that they tight, but also not so tight that they cause you any discomfort. This is especially true if you are planning to use your yoga pants for actual yoga – which is not true of everyone.

There are more formal ways of tying the strings, as yoga is steeped with history and culture. But, for the most part, as long as the strings are secured and comfortable, it is fine to tie them how you like.

Fold Over to Hide

Next, after the strings are tied, simply fold the top down over the strings so that they are out of view. Move around a little, bending your body, and see how it feels. You want them to be secure but give you lots of movement. Adjust as necessary.

Wear Them Where You Want

That is it! Yoga pants are not just for yoga or sports, but are these days also seen as the ultimate fashion wear. So whether you are a yoga practitioner, or simply want to look good on the street, make sure they are put on properly and that you look at as good as you can!

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