What is Baptiste Power Yoga


A Hatha-based style of Yoga tracing its origin to the 1940’s, Baptiste Power Yoga was developed by Walt Baptiste, and has been refined and carried on through his son Baron. A physically demanding, powerful flowing vinyasa Yoga practice, Baptiste Power Yoga is a physically demanding experience. Typically practiced in 90-plus degrees Farenheit, Baptiste Power Yoga is intense Yoga for intense people.


Baptiste Power Yoga consists of three primary elements. First up, there’s asana; the physical practice of holding Yoga postures. Next, there’s meditation; the mental practice of stilling and focusing the mind. Finally, there’s inquiry; the spiritual practice of transforming the self.

These elements combine to guide students to realize their full potential; discovering their own creativity, passion, and awakening the confidence to boldly go forward in their lives, seizing opportunities as they come.

Classes tend to be inspired by Baron Baptiste’s book, “Journey Into Power,” which provides a structured organization, methods, and theme for the sequential poses taught in Baptiste Power Yoga classes.

The goal is to create freedom within the individual; peace of mind, the capacity to live powerfully and authentically in the moment, the right now. Baptiste Power Yoga is physically challenging, and it uses that as a base to develop the skills to face the emotional and philosophical challenges that come up in everyday life.

High Impact Yoga

As stated above, Baptiste Power Yoga is typically practiced in a heated room. When you start at 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and perform physically demanding yoga in 60, 75, or 90 minute-long classes, you’re going to sweat. Perhaps more so than any other variety of Yoga, you’re in for an intense workout.

The Cost, and the Benefits

There’s no denying it; Baptiste Power Yoga can be demanding. That’s by design; it’s supposed to be challenging. To challenge you not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

Depression, anxiety, self-doubt; there isn’t a magic wand to make these disappear. It takes dedication, and discipline; a wholeness in your body and mind. For chronic mental health issues, it’s not just a matter of “fixing what’s wrong” – these are issues that must be lived with, must be managed every day. And for all of us, the harsh realities of of an uncaring world provide a constant weight that drags us down.

To rise above this takes commitment, awareness, and focus. And that, above all else, is Baptiste Power Yoga’s focus. Strength isn’t something you are, or aren’t – it’s something you choose to be, every day.

And that’s what Baptiste Power Yoga is all about.

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