What is Kayakalpa Yoga


While kayakalpa yoga is often considered to be an entire form of yoga, the truth is, it’s really not anything more than a single form of pose. The fact is that yoga is very much a diverse artform that reflects life and all that comes with it. So aside from just replicating exercise, or friendship, or spirituality, this artform is all about specifically focusing on the transfer of sexual energy into life energy. This is important to understand because all too often people mistakenly think that kayakalpa yoga is an entire form of yoga unto itself, when in actuality, it’s really about one form of yoga. By appreciating and understanding that this unique form has all sorts of other intrinsic benefits, then you can truly realize what kayakalpa yoga has to offer not only you but those around you as well.

The Physical Benefits

When it comes to yoga, everyone is concerned about the benefits they can see and feel, and predominantly speaking, these benefits primarily have to do with the fact that it’s all about the physical realm. While this is not necessarily incorrect, a lot of people mistakenly assume that just because you’re connected to yoga in a physical manner, then you must get some other form of benefit from it also. The truth is, there is not much to receive from yoga that isn’t already within you. By using kayakalpa yoga, you learn certain poses that help harness the most sensual and primal forms of energy that already exist within you. Unlike other kinds of yoga, you’ll really be able to maximize all of your worth in terms of physical dexterity and power, but you’ll be able to do so by making it a passionate and powerful energy transfer that other forms of yoga simply don’t have.

The Mental Benefits

Without a doubt, the mental benefits of this form of yoga are so much more powerful. A lot of people are much concerned with the benefits that this form of yoga provides the body, but when you realize what it has to offer for the mind are so much more powerful, you’ll feel that much more more proud of what you’ve accomplished. This is important to understand because there are a lot of people that are incapable of grasping just how vital it is to not only have a sound body, but also, having a sound mind in kayakalpa yoga.

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