Musical journey of Serenity


Walk down the memory lane. You drove to the beach, without checking the weather forecast. As you step into the luxurious white sands to face a calm ocean with no high waves, you turn your gaze to the Clear Blue Sky with no clouds. The one word that captures this very moment of calmness is Serenity.

Serenity comes from the latin word “Serenus” which means calm and serene. Thus, Serenity is state or the quality of being calm, tranquil, peaceful.  So aptly this word is used in the Serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

So one needs to be peaceful, calm, tranquil to be able to accept the things one cannot change. So if one is looking to achieve serenity, what quality should they imbibe? To be peaceful means to be free from disturbance, arguments, disagreements or fights. That’s why we need a peacemaker sometimes to break wars or stop fights. We realize it’s a very important component of the word Serenity. Only when one has peace of Mind, we are able to accept hardships and challenges that life throws on us, knowing fully well we cannot change it. This peace of mind gives us the strength to accept it, and move on. This prevents us from being in denial of the challenging situation. Acceptance with a calm and peaceful mind, is the first step to look for a solution to enhance your life in the present circumstances. Calm and tranquil means to be free from disturbance and anger. There is no feeling of tension, stress or any agitation.

Countless wall hanging and poster boards have printed this part of the Serenity Prayer. It carries a lot of weight and wisdom, if we grasp the essence of this simple prayer. Once we absorb the words within us, we can channelize our time and energy more productively, and let go of things which are not in our control. Serenity is the first quality we need to develop, which gives us clarity in our lives. With this clarity and in a state of Serenity we find the courage to use every situation to improve our individual spiritual journey. Our intelligence deep inside has the wisdom, but at present it is covered by thousands of layers of anger, resentment, hatred, bias, prejudice, agitations.

Our real pilgrimage starts within us, as soon as we attempt to dissipate these false layers covering our intelligence. Serenity helps us to become calm, peaceful, tranquil, harmonious and this quality guides us towards the Universal Truth.

On a lighter note Serenity is used by most wellness massage or Spa ads, to bring out the essence of the experience offered at their holistic programs. Similarly we can use it to describe the weather, the ambience of a place or an event.

 If we are in a poetic mood, then lets string calm, peace, tranquility together to play the harmonious tune of Serenity. This puts us on the musical journey to accept the various notes we face in life!


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