Clean The Self Clutter – Sacral Chakra Healing


If you  have been going through feelings of isolation, excessively emotional or having emotional outbursts, out of touch with yourself and your feelings, sexual obsession or conflicted sexual desire, uncontrollable addictive behavior, it may be a sign that your sacral chakra needs healing.

Sacral chakra also called the “Swadishthana” chakra, is located below the naval. The literal translation from Sanskrit means “one’s own place”. This is the place where the self or we as a being reside, from where we feel and experience the world.  When this chakra is balanced one is creative, feels confident to move around in the world and express without inhibition.

Chakras are junction points in the body through which energy flows.  If there are blocks in these junctions points obstructing  the flow of energy, it has it impacts on the body, emotions, and mind.  Imbalance of this chakra can cause health issues like bladder and reproductive problems, or lower back and hip pain.  One may also experience emotional instability, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, depression, or addictions.

Some of the most simple things one can do to bring balance is by singing and dancing uninhibitedly, doing yoga and meditation, going for a jog, spending time outside feeling the life around.

Besides doing this, below are a few additional tips to bring healing and balance to this chakra.

1) Letting go of all the negatives emotions and baggage is the first step toward healing this chakra. Be mindful of the company of people you keep.  Being in the company of negative people can exacerbate this situation.

2) The dominant element of this chakra is water.  Activities like swimming, walking near a stream, dipping feet in the cool water, listening to sounds water fountain, and offering gratitude to the water before drinking it can bring healing to this chakra.

3) The color of this chakra is deep orange. Eating food that are orange in color and visualizing the color orange helps regain balance.

4) Yoga poses like the sun salutation – a total of 12 postures – done for the both the left and right side of the body restores balance.  This is best done early in the morning.

5) The sound that corresponds to this chakra is VAM. By chanting VAM, will open and align this chakra.

6) Wearing orange gemstones like Amber, calcite orange, and hematite is also conducive.

7) Massaging the body especially the naval area with essential oils before bathing and/or soaking in warm water laced with these oil helps balance and align the chakra.  Patchouli, Jasmine, Rose, Rosewood are some of the essential oils that can be used for sacral chakra balancing.

What we will ultimately remember and measure ourselves by as we go through life is the profundity of our experience.  Allowing ourselves to freely express ourselves, connect with all life, respond with warmth and passion to everything and everyone around is the basis upon which we build our life.  So having this chakra in balance where the life energies are in full flow gives us the fertile ground to experiment and experience life.


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