4 Techniques for Coping with Alcoholism


Consuming alcohol is not alcoholism. Alcoholism is alcohol dependency. It is a state when the addiction is beyond voluntary control. One of the first signs of alcoholism is drinking every day. However, it doesn’t get severe till one indulges in binge drinking. Millions of people in the world have a beer or a whiskey, a glass of wine or one peg of scotch every day. Moderate drinking or having just one glass of beer or wine doesn’t imply alcoholism. When one drinks several pegs or glasses and cannot really do without alcohol, it is a cause for concern. Here are a few effective ways of coping with alcoholism.

1. Identify The Pattern.

Every alcoholic has a pattern. Usually, one would resort to drinking every evening or night. The second telltale sign is when one drinks too much. This becomes apparent when the person fails to stop at a certain time or after a drink or two. This becomes a regular habit and then one starts drinking regardless of the day of the week and time of the day or night. Once the pattern is identified, one must try to break the routine. Severe cases of alcoholism usually have people drinking or being drunk all the time. These call for medical intervention, including therapy and rehabilitation.

2. Keep Engaged.

Engaging in activity or any task that will keep one away from alcohol is a good way to overcome alcoholism. Working out, working on a hobby or anything that one is passionate about, spending time with family and friends who don’t suffer from alcoholism and indulging in constructive activities will help one to stay away from alcohol. Cooking, reading, playing a musical instrument, and practicing a skill at home can be distracting for an alcoholic, as long as one can keep their mind off the urge to have a drink.

3. Understand Your Addiction.

One addiction often has to be replaced with another addiction to stay the course. This is one reason why heavy smokers and drinkers fail to quit tobacco and alcohol. Drastic changes are difficult and coping with alcoholism requires a steady approach. Alcoholics should opt for anything that is satiating for them but not harmful in any way to replace the compelling obsession to grab a drink. Indulging in another form of addiction or any type of substance abuse replacing alcoholism will not be helpful.

4. Save Money.

Financial planning and having slightly elusive objectives can help in coping with alcoholism. The expenditure must be used as a reason to stay off alcohol. One must have personal and professional goals that would not be achieved unless one gives up on alcohol or reduces consumption. A weight loss goal, diet, achieving something such as running a marathon or vying for professional growth can be the reason to motivate oneself and to steer away from alcoholism.

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