How to Mend a Relationship After Infidelity


Though it is challenging to repair a broken heart, it can be done. Arguably one of the hardest repairs to fix is a relationship that has suffered infidelity. You may have heard that trust can take years to build, but only a second to break. If you have found yourself in a relationship that includes infidelity, you can probably provide testament to that idea. The good news is that there are ways to heal and mend a broken relationship, even after infidelity. Of course, the person implementing this effort may come from the one who unfaithful or the one who was hurt by the other partner’s affairs. Regardless, it can be demonstrated by either party but works best when efforts stem from both.

1. Acknowledge The Wrong.

In order to fix something it is broken, it is imperative to acknowledge what went wrong. Do not be in denial. Do not keep avoiding the subject with your partner. Be open and honest about the situation. It happened. We are both aware it happened. Once you can each get to this point where both are admitting, you can begin healing.

2. Share Hurts.

Next, spend some time together just being honest about feelings. Share your hurts with one another. What in the world went wrong? Was it out of anger, jealousy, hurt feelings, or just pure carelessness? Regardless, try to not be judgmental about the other person’s shared feelings. Accept what one another says for what it is- the truth. Do not try to woo the other person, just be sincere with your feelings (both of you).

3. Demonstrate Respect.

You have openly admitted the wrongness. There is no more secrets and no denial. The hurts have been put out on the table. All vulnerability is at stake. This is a very sacred time for both parties. Wounds are open. This is the time to demonstrate respect to the other person. Both individuals will be desperately aching at this point. Now it is time to show how much you still care. You obviously both still care if you have gotten to this point in the mending process. What could you do to show the other that you do still care? Write a note. Buy a gift. Spend quality time together. Whatever way he/she receives love, do that. Make an effort to demonstrate your loyalty.

This will take time, but it can be done. You must be able to be open, honest, and totally forgiving.

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