How to Stop Being Emotionally Abusive in a Relationship


There are many different types of abuse. Abuse does not have to be physical, it can also be verbal or emotional. If you realize that you are emotionally abusive in any way, it is time that you make a change. You can’t be in a healthy relationship if you are emotionally abusive. Taking advantage of how much your partner cares for you is not healthy in a relationship. You can be emotionally abusive by threatening to hurt yourself if your partner leave or by playing with their emotions in anyway. It is time that you identify if you are in fact emotionally abusive and what changes you can make right away that will make a difference. Here are the ways that you can stop being emotionally abusive.

Actions Matter

When it comes to people that are emotionally abusive, it is the actions that matter most. This is because partners that are emotionally abusive will say what you want to hear in the middle of a fight, but their actions remain the same. This means that if you want to stop being emotionally abusive, you need to make sure that you realize your actions have the biggest impact. This means that what you do and how you respond matter. You can’t just try to talk your way out of problems, you need to admit what the real issue is and make a real change. Stop saying whatever you want to in the middle of a fight and start actually being honest. This is the only way the relationship can be healthy and last.

What is the Cause?

If you are emotionally abusive in a relationship, there is often a reason for this behavior. This means that you need to identify what is causing you to act this way. Playing the blame game, not opening up about feelings and acting different in private are all examples of emotionally abusive behavior. These are behaviors that can only change if you better understand why you behave this way. This means that you need to go to therapy and find out why you respond this way in a relationship. There is often a deeper issue that you have yet to deal with that is holding you back. If you deal with this issue, you can stop being emotionally abusive to your partner. You just need to be willing to be open and honest when you go to therapy to identify the issue.

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