Tug Of War: Rope of Resentment and Forgiveness


The referee held his hand firm in the middle of the thick rope.  He blew the whistle and the “Tug of War” started. Both sides were pulling with all their strength from their side of the rope. The energy used by both teams was fierce and competitive. No one was letting go; this competition would continue for a long time with no respite. Sahil was tired and did not want to continue with this never-ending game, but also, did not want to be pulled to the opponent’s side. Sahil looked at his opponent Nikita in the eye and said I am breaking this “Link’, since at this time it had become more about “Ego”, than the spirit of the game. Sahil stood stable and rooted in his position and let go of the rope. Nikita was surprised as technically she was the winner, but she had not been able to pull Sahil to her side of the arena.

As observers, if we change this name to “Rope of Resentment”, we can begin to comprehend the concept of forgiveness.

When we are pulling at the rope with equal amount of hatred and resentment, the bitterness keeps us locked in a continuous cycle. Both sides are deadlocked in a continuous stream of negative energy. When Sahil let go of the rope, it was a profound step to free himself of his grievances.  He set himself free from the pain and suffering associated with it. Once he dropped his grudges, he was emotionally stable and in total control of the situation. Thus, he walked away free and felt light with no sentimental baggage. Nikita no longer held the power to pull him with any negative energy as Sahil broke the connection!

The concept of forgiveness is illustrated by this simple game. We do a favor to ourselves by letting go of the rope, as we no longer have to deal with the pressure of holding on to the negative energy. By doing this we realize that we “heal our self” with one simple step. It’s not an easy decision to just let go of our hurt and resentment. We love to hold onto grudges and clasp tight to the rope of enmity that injustice was done to us and “we are hurting”. In reality, we are really nursing our bruises and not allowing our wound to heal. The day we accept that we should forgive and move on that very day our healing starts. The truth dawns upon us that we don’t forgive anyone, we “forgive ourselves” to get relief from this chronic long-term suffering.

Nikita is the winner and may choose to nurse her animosity towards Sahil. As time goes by, she realizes that if she lets go off the rope of distress, she frees herself from this self-inflicted pain.

This is an energy Game where if one reflects and alters their behavior; that person induces positive energy within themselves. Sahil will radiate this positive energy in the form of good wishes and love to Nikita, in an effort to neutralize all her complaints.

Gracefully exit from the “TUG of War”, and let go of the Rope. You will soon be engulfed in positive energy and vibrations. If you choose to send out sincere blessings to the person holding the rope, you will transform the entire energy equation. You will consciously be on the path of immense Joy and Happiness!

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