3 Techniques for Coping with Cheating


The one who cheats may or may not experience any guilt depending on their personality and the status of the relationship they were in. The one who is cheated upon may feel miserable. Not only is one betrayed but one feels exploited or used and there is often the looming question if there was anything she or he could have done. It is this quagmire that becomes the hardest part of coping with cheating. There are many who would simply move on after being cheated upon and they are the luckier ones. Here are a few surefire ways of coping with cheating.

1. Always look for closure.

Many people simply avoid talking about it and storm away from the relationship and many choose to forgive. Regardless of what one does, it is necessary to seek closure. One must talk about the act of cheating, the reason or reasons and it doesn’t have to be about establishing who is at fault. It is simply a fact finding exercise which will help both persons to understand where they stand, how they feel and what had gone wrong. Not seeking closure will keep the matter unaddressed for as long as one takes to move on to another relationship or just lose the significance of the whole incident in the subconscious.

2. There is nothing you could have done.

This is the singularly most important realization that anyone who has been cheated upon must endorse. It is absolutely possible that the person who cheated felt unloved or had some remotely reasonable ground to cheat. Yet, that doesn’t legitimize the act of cheating. One can easily end a relationship and then do whatever one feels like. Many women and men try to own up to their faults, think of what they could have done to avoid leading their partner or spouse to cheat. It doesn’t help. Coping with cheating can only commence when one firmly believes that they had absolutely nothing to do and their deeds could not have prevented the other person from cheating.

3. Finding comfort in oneself is the best way of coping with cheating.

Resorting to quick fixes, having a fling or cheating in revenge doesn’t help. Being with friends, socializing normally, focusing on work and just allowing time to do the healing would be more effective while coping with cheating. Feel betrayed, feel uncared for and be heartbroken. Try to avoid these feelings will only lead to bottled-up frustrations and they would revisit you later. Vent what is needed and focus on what makes you happy or matters more.

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