How to Maintain a Platonic Relationship


Keeping romantic feelings at bay in a relationship can be tricky. While you may enjoy the company of your friend, it’s frustrating to know that they may be harboring romantic feelings towards you. If you want to keep your friend and not open the door to a romantic relationship it’s important to keep your friendship platonic.

Be Gross

Just be yourself, like you would with your other friends. It can be hard to see someone in a romantic way when they’re sharing a disgusting story that doesn’t paint them in a pretty light. For girls, this is a way to be seen as “one of the guys”, and for guys it can make girls think twice about dating.

Talk About Your Love Life

Nothing will keep a platonic relationship platonic faster than talking about who you like, as long as it’s not them! They’ll be able to picture you and your love interest being together romantically. Not only will this make it clear that you see them as only a friend and nothing more, but they may get sick of hearing it and look elsewhere for a partner.


Women especially tend to be emotional in front of their friends more than in front of their love interests. Opening up and sharing intimate details of your life and your feelings will make it clear that you see them in a platonic way. Not only that, but making the move after they’ve comforted you will make them feel like scum.

Set Them Up

Be on the lookout for the perfect partner for your friend. It’s not fair to them to keep them from dating other people if you’re only interested in a platonic relationship. They’ll get the hint pretty quickly that you’re not into them in a romantic way if you’re acting as their wingman or wingwoman.

Don’t Flirt

While we all like positive attention, accepting it and encouraging it won’t keep your relationship platonic for long. Make sure that any flirting is shot down, kindly, and quickly. You don’t want your friend to get their hopes up that there is a chance of dating you if there isn’t one. Don’t be mean, and don’t get your ego fix at their expense.

By being careful of their feelings and honest with yourself you can maintain a platonic relationship without it turning romantic. Just remember that your friend isn’t there to make you feel good about yourself at their expense. Respect them and your relationship can last a long time.

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