6 Techniques for Coping with Jealousy


Jealousy is a normal emotion any individual can feel. However, too much of this feeling is not healthy for the people involved and the relationship itself. If uncontrolled, jealousy can lead to loss of identity, low self-esteem and worse, crime of passion. But there are ways to cope with this emotion.

1. Learn To Accept What You Are Feeling.

Jealousy is not at all bad if you will not let it ruin your relationship and you are aware of what I bothering you. The key here is to acknowledge that you are feeling jealous. This will give you a chance to reflect and think about what has led you to a fit of jealousy. When you feel jealous about something or someone, take time to pause and breathe. This will help clear your mind and realize if what you are feeling has a basis or not.

2. Do Not Immediately Act On It.

If the jealousy you are feeling is a romantic one, say, you see your girlfriend or boyfriend talking to someone you do not know and you suspect something is not right with the picture, do not jump into conclusions and go after your partner or other person without clarifying things first with your significant other. Do not be rude or lose your temper right away to avoid embarrassment and disappointment.

3. Talk It Out With Your Partner.

Communication is the key in any relationship and being open to your partner about how you are feeling will clear things for both of you. If you have these feelings all bottled up, insecurities will set in and can lead to anxiety and resentment. After you have accepted the fact that you are indeed jealous, let it out and talk about it.

4. Look At Your Positive Traits.

Insecurities and uncertainties in life will always be there but this does not mean you have to live your life full of these feelings. If you are jealous, whether it is romantic or personal, examine how you look at yourself and look for your good traits. Perhaps, you are just over-thinking and your partner is still the faithful and loving person you have loved ever since. Conversely, if you are jealous of what another person in terms of material things or status in life, count your blessings. Happiness is inter-subjective and if you look at the good things about you and your life, you can cope with jealousy.

5. Make Use Of Your Relationship Skills.

Instead of wallowing in anger and your insecurities, keep your relationship secure by looking at how much your partner has made you feel secure and loved. Appreciating your spouse or lover more will make your relationship more harmonious. Blaming your partner, arguing and constant nagging will not help your relationship grow.

6. Do Not Rely On Your Partner To Complete You.

Sometimes, a person gets jealous out of fear of losing someone or the feeling that the other person’s love is dwindling. This is because there are people who will not be happy without romantic relationships or those who feel incomplete without being in relationships that when they are in one, they feel insecure and doubtful of their partners. If you are complete as a person, you will be secure about your relationship and jealousy will not really be a problem.

Jealousy is a normal feeling and at times, can be healthy but anything in excess is not good. This is why it is important to know the different ways to cope with this emotion.

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