What is Kala Sarpa Yoga


Since time immemorial, yoga has continued to baffle many, especially those that pick it up later in life. One of the many forms of yoga that people are yet to wrap their heads around is Kala Sarpa Yoga. In Vedic Astrology, the Kala Sarpa is an inauspicious form of yoga otherwise called Dosha that manifests in the birth horoscope of an individual formed when the planets are in line between the planet that ends harmful effects, Rahu, and Ketu the planet that poses threats. It is one of the latest editions to planetary yoga.

The position of planets is an integral part of Kala Sarpa Yoga, and the planetary influences may be either beneficial or harmful at a certain point of life. Many individuals that believe in Kala Sarpa Yoga approach it from the point of fear, but gurus in this form of yoga advice one to discard the fear and approach it with wisdom.

According to B. V. Raman, Kala Sarpa Yoga can make one more industrious, heightened awareness of one’s abilities, and appetite for hard work; this is despite the mental restlessness. It is an integral part of making a horoscope and

Kala Sarpa Yoga Axis

Gurus in this type of yoga agree that there are two types of axes in Kala Sarpa Yoga, Rahu – Ketu axis and the Ketu – Rahu Axis. Rahu – Ketu axis favors the rise in the mundane life while the Ketu – Rahu axis favors the yogi’s elevation in all matters spiritual. Karma is an integral part of Kala sarpa Yoga, and you can fix your Karma by honoring Ketu and Rahu by the use of rituals.

Yogis and Gurus that practice this form of yoga believe that the minute you clean up the source of your Karmic problems, all the bad decisions you have made in your life, and the painful and unpleasant experiences you have had in the past, they will all end. To experience a permanent change in your life, you must fix the source of your problems otherwise; any changes will be temporary and superficial.

Just as how you pass on diseases and certain attributes through genes to other generations, kala Sarpa Yoga in most cases is genetic. This means that it is possible to pass it on from generation to another through the DNA. 33 is the age associated with Kala Sarpa Yoga.

Implications Of The Age

According to astrology, if you have had a streak of bad luck with failures enough for a lifetime, your luck will change, and you will realize success in almost all aspects of your life. For example, the 41st president of the USA, George W. Bush, had a streak of bad experiences and made bad decisions, such as being a marijuana addict, arrested for drunken driving, and was an alcoholic. After turning 33, his fortunes changed, he made major financial gains and established a formidable political career.

The converse is also true. If you have experienced success before attaining the age of 33, after that, your fortunes change, and you start having difficulties, and suffering which will halt your progress towards achieving any more success.

There is also substantial proof to show that close family members and friends, Kala Sarpa Yoga natives will at one point in their lives encounter betrayal. This brings about suffering due to significant developments in life strengths, and the mind will mellow your outlook on life. This is a blessing in Kala Sarpa Yoga.

Manifestation Of KSY

This kind of planetary yoga involves a complex and profound psychological compulsion to re-enact past life memories and chosen as a human sacrifice. It manifests itself in the following ways.

Emotionally: You can get a firm conviction that you are a chosen agent of higher destiny, which supports both the significant risk and unusual detachment.

Psychologically: Kala Sarpa Yoga may influence your actions and produce a pattern of self-glorification mixed with self-mortification.

This type of yoga will impose a severe high-frequency oscillation of the attraction-repulsion cycle. This is because Ketu aims to disconnect while Rahu wants to get higher.

Kala Sarpa Yoga Personality

There are two phases to the Kala Sarpa Yoga personality, Phase one and two representing Rahu and Ketu respectively. In phase one, one gets the urgent ambition to set themselves aloof and obtain privileges as soon as now and in phase two, brings about the abandoning of attachments and go into a state of prayer, no ego, and witnessing.

It is a challenge to understand this personality, but in reality, the person is both ambitious and material hungry for elite privileges under Rahu and a non-acquisitive wandering mendicant who may come off as dysfunctional or saintly, sometimes both. Evidence shows that Rahu dominates the KSY personality meaning that there are times of burning desire for unearned privilege and recognition.

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