How to Practice Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is a practice where a person falls into a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Their body is completely relaxed. The person becomes aware of their inner world by following verbal instructions. In order to fall into a state of yoga nidra, the person must maintain concentration on a single focus. This is absolutely necessary in order for it to happen. Yoga nidra is known to be one of the deepest states of concentration and relaxation while still being awake and remaining conscious.

Studies have found that this state of relaxation greatly reduces stress and anxiety. This can provide great relief when it comes to tension headaches, it has also been used in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Steps to Follow to Reach a State of Yoga Nidra

1. Connect yourself to your deepest desires of your heart. It is important to focus on this place of security and wellbeing. This will be something different for everyone, so there is no set-in stone answer for this one.

2. What is your intention for your session of yoga nidra today? Keep that intention in mind as you focus and concentrate. It is important to open your mind to this intention and allow it to come inside.

3. You will need to find your inner resource. This should be a place that is a safe haven for you, a completely secure place. This is something that can be used in day to day life, not just throughout your yoga nidra session.

4. Scan your overall body. Allow your awareness to move through your body. Allow it to slowly overcome each and every part of your body.

5. Become aware of your breathing. Realize that this breathing is happening on its own and not by an action that you are specifically taking.

6. During this, you will experience many feelings. Welcome them and allow them to wash over you. This is an important part of your session.

7. Allow a sense of joy and wellbeing to overcome your body, mind and soul.

8. As your practice comes to an end, reflect on what you have just experienced. Think about the feelings and thoughts that you went through.

9. As you are coming around to a more awake state, allow yourself to gradually become awake and aware of your surroundings. Understand that this is a slow process and will take some time.

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