How Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight


If you’ve just embarked on your yoga practice, congratulations and namaste! You’re sure to enjoy health and wellness benefits from yoga for years to come. And, if you’ve incorporated yoga as part of your diet plan, you will definitely begin to reap the weight loss benefits.

Burning Calories

You know that yoga can help you lose weight, but how? First and foremost, your practice burns calories. Hot yoga can burn more calories and detox your body as well. This will aid in weight loss. From chaturanga to downward dog, yoga poses burn calories especially when done vigorously.

Loosen Your Body

Another weight loss benefit of doing yoga is that you will feel more refreshed and comfortable with your body. Your yoga practice can help you feel good, which will in turn make you feel more comfortable exercising. It’s hard to overstate how good exercise is for you, and how quickly your body will respond to working out.

Engage Your Core

Yoga poses that are best for weight loss are those that engage your core and help you tone your muscles. Even if the pounds aren’t coming off, the inches will. When you engage your core, your other muscles will follow suit. Yoga is great for weight loss also because it promotes health in general. When you learn how to conduct yourself with ujjai breath and live in a yogic manner, weight might just fall off you — because you will have let everything go.

Make a Part of Your Daily Routine

If you really want to jump start your weight loss and healthy routine, yoga is a good thing to incoporate into your daily activities. Whether you go to a morning class, a class at lunch, or an evening yoga routine, you will be happy that you chose to practice yoga to aid in your weight loss. There are physical and mental health benefits to yoga that can help people who are serious about changing their diet and lifestyle. Use your zen to improve your life!

When you start doing yoga, you must be patient. You may not see weight loss benefits immediately, but give it time. Your posture will also improve with yoga, making you look thinner than ever! Yoga is great for weight loss, for your attitude, and for your strength. A strong core will help you burn the calories you need to lose weight and feel fantastic. No matter what, when you start doing yoga, you will feel healthier and more fabulous — because you are!

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