How to Meditate for Healing


The human body and mind works in tandem. A healthy body is quintessential for a strong mind and mental health is crucial for the physical self to be in optimal form. Physical injury would require physical intervention but it helps to have a sound mind that will help in the healing process. Even if the mind doesn’t directly lead to the recovery, it will assist by helping one to cope with pain and to feel better through the recuperating phase. Likewise, a strong and healthy body will always have an impact on the mind, on how one feels and emotes, acts and responds. Here is how you can meditate for healing.

Impeccable Posture

There are two physiological impacts of meditation. One is the impeccable posture. When you meditate, you cannot do so if your posture is incorrect, if your spine is not upright, if you are not standing or sitting in an ideal form. You need to attain the perfect posture for you to even begin meditating, let aside perfecting it or getting to the advanced levels. The correct posture is quintessential to physical healing. Whether you have a musculoskeletal injury or you have a bruise that is not beyond the epidermis, the right posture of your body will always facilitate faster healing.

Breathing and Blood Circulation

The other physical impact is the combo of breathing and blood circulation. When you meditate, you are required to breathe properly. You are supposed to inhale and exhale rhythmically without holding your breath and without running out of breath. This helps you to calm down and your blood circulation is eased. With better regulation of blood pressure and enhanced blood circulation, you will heal quickly.

Emotion and Feelings

Beyond these two physical impacts, there is the element of how you feel. An injury can cause immense pain or mild suffering. It is necessary to note that while the pain and discomfort will always be there, the threshold of bearing or enduring that pain depends on how strong a person is, not physically but mentally. Psychological endurance has more to do with mental health than the physical self. Meditation impacts the psyche directly. With a consciousness in control, by being aware of the whole spectrum of emotions and by being able to be more mindful of every feeling, meditating helps you to get some relief from pain, you can divert your attention to positives and you can be better prepared to deal with the challenges of the healing process.

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