How to Use a Meditation Bowl


Meditations for centuries has been a connected with the eastern culture, but with the integration of the internet in our daily lives have made it a common phenomenon across the world. There are many ways of undertaking meditation from the tradition forms to new and contemporary forms. One way of meditating is by the use of meditation bowls, famous in the Tibetan monk’s culture as well as other Buddhist religions.

In popular Buddhist practices, the meditation bowls, otherwise called singing bowls signal the start as well as the end of a meditation period. Another use is by striking and circling the bowl after chanting a particular phrase if you are engaged in chanting kind of meditation. Meditation bowls during a mass meditation exercise can signal the change of a meditation activity. This can include a change from a sitting to a walking kind of meditation. Here is an outline of how to use a meditation bowl.

Loosen Your Grip

Avoid holding the meditation bowl tightly on your palm. Tightly clutching it will reduce its effectiveness in your meditation process. Hold the padded wooden baton like you would a pen and circle the rim of the meditation bowls with firm and even pressure. Simply let the bowl rest on your palm or on a surface that does not restrict its vibrations.

Be Consistent

Varying the speed and pressure you apply when playing the singing meditation bowl does not give good results. Consistency will add structure to your meditation, and you will realize better results.

Be Patient

As you continue using the meditation bowls, you will develop a circling technique that will resonate with your inner self. As you consistently use the bowl in your meditation, your technique coupled with your patience will give you balance.

Remember To Breathe

Meditation without the right breathing technique is futile and so is your use of the meditation bowl. Breathing will make your body relax and resonate with the sweet sounds emanating from your meditation bowl.

There are many ways of getting the bowl to produce the beautiful sound, and you can strike the side of the bowl to create a gong sound, heightened by circling the rim of the bowl. This shows that there are many paths to the goal, and so does life have many paths.

When purchasing your meditation bowl, go for the bowls whose sound delights you. Remember that the sound of any one particular bowl depends on your energy, mental state, and mood.

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