9 Anger and Stress Management Techniques


Although we all suffer from anger and stress at one point or another, what matters a lot is how we deal with them. There are various techniques which have been found to work. These are as follows:

Admitting That You Have a Problem

Not many people are willing and ready to come forward and say that they have an anger problem. Yet, all that you need to do is to be sincere that you have a problem.

Find Out What Is Triggering It

Anger is always triggered by something. You may not be sure what it is until you note it down at the time it is occurring. Identify what it is and put it down in a hostility log sheet. It will help you not only know the cause but also the frequency and how to direct the anger to a more positive end result.

Involve Family And Friends

We all have close people around us such as family and friends that we need to have around us when we are going anger related issues. They are important to us in that they will offer the much -needed support to ensure that we don’t slide back into anger all the time.

Stop The Anger Cycle

Anger and stress seem to have a cycle. You can always tell when it is about to happen. When you shout ‘stop’ in your thoughts, you will realize that the anger thoughts will be suppressed.

Breathe Deeply

People with anger related issues are advised to breathe in deeply when they are about to explode. When they do a count of 1-20, the pent up anger will be released and they will be able to break the cycle once again.

Power Of Positive Thinking

Our thoughts define us. If we think negatively, the thoughts impact on our behavior. Positive thoughts have been found to change our thoughts for the better.


If you can, you are advised to meditate. The act of meditating daily for even 5 minutes is enough to help you deal with anger.

Be Empathetic

It has been found that being empathetic to others when they provoke us to anger helps us to manage it effectively. Instead of seeing them as the source of your stress, look at it with sense in you; anyone can make a mistake.

Make Your Anger Humorous

When not taken seriously, it will not turn out serious. Laugh at it and move on.

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