How to Breathe Properly While Meditating


Meditation is a general practice n the modern age where schedules and the rat race have many people stressed out. With the widespread access to smartphones, you can easily download a meditation app that you can use to ease the stresses of life. One aspect of meditation is breathing, and many people forget about this crucial step of meditation.

Set Yourself Up For Meditation

Meditation is a technique where you focus the mind while deeply breathing. Many people rush into a meditation technique and forget how to prepare properly, and the result is diminished ability to breathe properly. Light your scented meditation candles, close your eyes, and sit with your back straight and breathe deeply. This way, you will let any stray thoughts die a natural death before you begin your meditation. Here is how to breathe properly while meditating.

Breathing Technique
Zen masters and meditation experts reckon that everyone has their breathing techniques when it comes to meditation. Develop your standard breathing technique. The most common are inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth while others inhale and exhale using their mouth. Either way, strives to know what works for you.

Your meditation time will be more rewarding when you monitor your breathing. Exhale and inhale with consistent intervals to establish a rhythm. Over time, you will find that the breathing rhythm comes naturally when meditating.

Use Mantras
Meditation experts have recommended the use of mantras as well as chakras to help you focus. You can also use any personalized word to create your breathing rhythm.

Breathing Techniques

There are different types of breathing techniques that you can adapt in your meditations.

Easy Breathing
nhale through the nose and exhale through your nose or lips slightly parted. Couple it with a mantra to create order and rhythm.

Deep Breathing
Inhale deeply but without force through your nose, and exhale through your nose. You can occasionally exhale through your mouth to bring variety. Use a mantra to guide you in the breathing or count the seconds it takes to inhale and exhale.

Ocean Breathing
Inhale through pursed lips, internally note the time it takes to inhale, and then exhale through the mouth. Repeat this several times, as you meditate. Once you are comfortable, alternate between the mouth and the nose.

Breathing during meditation is very beneficial; it alleviates stress as well as helps relax your body. Remember to practice the above techniques of breathing, and you will gain more from your meditations.

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