How to Be Affectionate in a Relationship


We all lead lives that are incredibly busy, overwhelmingly hectic, and filled with plenty of stress and pressure – so much so that it’s amazing that any of us can squeeze out even just a little bit of romance on a daily basis. Unfortunately, for so many people out there right now, a lot of the romance in a relationship has kind of dwindled and gone by the wayside. People are really losing how to be affectionate in a relationship (especially long-term relationships that have started to feel a lot more like partnerships than anything else) – and that’s a really big problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

The last thing that most people want to have happen is to have an otherwise fantastic relationship kind of fizzle out at the end just because no one’s really putting in an effort to be an affectionate partner. Here are some tips and tricks that should help you improve your ability to be affectionate, some tips and tricks that will help you learn how to be affectionate in a relationship from here on out!

Stop Asking And Start Acting

The biggest problem you’re going to run into when someone tells you that you need to figure out how to be affectionate in a relationship is trying to ask them how they want you to be more affectionate. Sure, you might think that you are just looking for a little bit of clarification about exactly what they are after but the last thing that someone wants in a relationship is someone that has to be told how to show their love for them. Stop asking how to be affectionate in a relationship when you’re talking to your partner and instead just start doing things that are more affectionate. Surprise them every now and again with romantic gestures, greet them enthusiastically every day, and always make sure that you two are on the same page in the romance department.

Communication is EVERYTHING

The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is to have one another lose respect for each other, but it’s something that happens plenty of times because people aren’t anywhere near as open or as honest as they think they are. If you’re going to be in a long-term relationship you need to find ways to communicate with your partner in a way that allows you both to feel good at the end of the “talk”. This skill is one of the best ways to learn how to be affectionate in a relationship – learning how to navigate sometimes difficult conversations without them coming off as businesslike or condescending.

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