How to Love Unconditionally in a Romantic Relationship


If there is one thing about love that is both noble and difficult, this is, loving unconditionally. Some may argue that in romantic relationships, this is not possible without getting hurt or making sacrifices. Moreover, some cynical people say that no one can really love unconditionally because whatever a person does, he or she does for self-gratification. Take the case of a person who keeps on taking back a lover who continuously hurt her by being womanizing. Some might call this sacrifice while others will regard this as stupidity. For the woman or man who does not stop from forgiving a partner for hurting her of him repeatedly, this is unconditional love.

But is it really? How does a person love unconditionally when it comes to romantic relationships? Let us count the ways.

1. Think of the other person before yourself.

When you are romantically in love, you want the other person to feel comfortable, happy, special and content. However, as time goes by and you get more secure with the relationship, there are times when you forget the other person when it comes to little things, say, getting the bigger portion of the steak and finishing the plate of pasta without asking your spouse if he or she wants some. These might be trivial things but if you analyze the situation, you thought of yourself first. But if you give up something you love and give it to the person you love, this gesture signifies loving unconditionally because you put him or her first than yourself.

2. When you forgive, you should forget.

Committing mistakes in relationships is inevitable and one time or the other, your partner will do something that will hurt you, whether the action was deliberate or otherwise. If this person is abusive and hurts you physically as well as emotionally, it is a different story. You should not even dare stay in this relationship. You may forgive that person but this does not mean you will let him or her continue with it. But when it comes to mistakes that are tolerable and the person tries his or her best to be a better partner, once you forgive, do not bring it up over and over again. Of course, you have to be wise to know when to give up on the relationship.

3. Accept the good and bad sides of your lover.

Before you commit yourself in a relationship, be prepared that this is a process and what you might know now about the person you love is only a tip of the iceberg and there are other things you will know about each other in time. To love unconditionally in a romantic relationship is to accept your partner or spouse for the person he or she is, the good and bad things about the relationship, his or her insecurities, moods and strengths. The key to unconditional love is acceptance. So long as you are both committed to each other and what you have is a non-abusive relationship that is based on respect, trust and love, these small issues are insignificant.

Unconditional love means loving your partner despite and in spite of him or her, the situation and the challenges. How does one love unconditionally in a romantic relationship? These are the ways and there are several more. But perhaps, the greatest way to show this is to let go of the person you love even if it is difficult and hurtful so long as it is what is best for the other. That, perhaps, is the best way to love unconditionally.

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