How to Deal With Paranoia in a Relationship


There are a couple of things that can kill in otherwise fantastic relationship in a hurry, but the one that kills more relationships than probably anything else has to be paranoia on one side or the other – and you need to understand EXACTLY how to deal with paranoia in a relationship as soon as possible to avoid everything melting down.

Hopefully by the time you’re done with the inside information we have to share with you below you’ll know exactly how to best deal with paranoia from your partner, but you’ll also understand how to deal with any paranoia that you may be fighting with as well. Let’s dive right in!

Most Paranoia In a Relationship Stems From Low Self-Esteem

The overwhelming majority of paranoia in any relationship is going to stem from one partner or another feeling as though they aren’t in the same league as they are partner, as though they don’t deserve, and as though they are just a placeholder until something better comes along.

A lot of these insecurities are internalized and the person that feels paranoid may not even completely understand why they feel this way to begin with. This is the kind of “baggage” that all of us bring to every relationship we are in, and it’s the kind of baggage that needs to be resolved with open, clear, and honest communication.

The Best Way To Combat Paranoia Is To Fight It Head On

A lot of people are going to dry and learn how to deal with paranoia in a relationship by kind of skirting the issue, ducking and dodging the problem, or even pretending that it doesn’t exist until it finally erupts like a volcano and melts the relationship down.

If you’re serious about learning how to deal with paranoia in a relationship, however, you have to become comfortable with the idea of confronting otherwise very uncomfortable conversations with your partner – or yourself.

Remember, paranoia stems from insecurities, and the insecurities are going to manifest themselves in some pretty negative ways. You are going to have to bring these insecurities to the surface, you’re going to have to confront your thoughts about them with someone that you love, and you’re going to have to try and find ways to navigate these insecure feelings while building up the self-esteem of the partner that’s dealing with the paranoia.

Again, this isn’t ever an easy conversation to have – especially if you have already been dating for a while and have gotten into roles and routines. But as a necessary conversation you’re going to figure out how to deal with paranoia any relationship and come out successfully on the other side with one another.

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