What is Hata Yoga


Yoga itself is so much more than a method of teaching, it’s a peaceful way of life. It is a whole culture of meditation techniques, bathing habits, eating habits, work and social interaction.

Every pose, or yoga asana, consists of seated twists, standing postures, backbends, inversions, arm balances and core holds. There’s a pose called “the downward facing dog”, which is said to be able to calm the brain, energize the whole body, strengthen legs and arms, improve digestion and helps adjusting high blood pressure.


Hatha yoga is a term that refers to any physical practice of the classic yoga. It’s used as a description of all the asana practices, including the six main yoga types. It’s getting tremendously popular today and you can attend Hatha classes anytime and anywhere. It is a good starting point for yoga rookies because it introduces the basic poses in a low key setting.As being so general, hatha usually indicated to a not flow-oriented class.


Sanskrit is an ancient language, which is used for yoga’s terminology. Hatha, for example, means forceful. Although when you think of any yoga practice, this is not the first that comes to mind, compared to the gentle practice of meditation, hatha was considered more subtle in the past.

Why Yoga is Good for You

Some specific techniques lower stress by meditation, that reduces the mind chatter, and that way you’re allowed to relax your body as well. When tension is released from your mind, confidence is naturally boosted and you start feeling confident and comfortable in the physical body.

Combining low-impact yoga with intense workouts will unite your mind and body, without the risk of injuries that increases muscle tension. As we all know overweight is a result of everyday life and inner imbalances. The deep relaxation that only yoga can provide, eases stress and enables the body to naturally lose weight.

You should seriously consider attending yoga classes if you think that you’re not flexible enough. If your muscles are tight, specific poses will stretch them and will allow you to go further with your practice. Any pose has the task to strengthen a particular body area, if practiced properly, of course. If not, there’s a chance of stressing a group of muscles, but that happens very rarely.

Yoga helps you to maintain a healthy weight, improves your flexibility and without noticing, will change even your posture.

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