What is Forrest Yoga


Named for Ana T. Forrest, an American yogini, Forrest Yoga is a modern style with its roots in Hatha Yoga, but with a uniquely western spin. With its unique blend of physically and emotionally intense workout, Forrest Yoga is not for the faint of heart. At least, not those who wish to remain so.

The Philosophy

According to Forrest herself, Forrest Yoga emphasizes not just fitness, but in creating a transformative experience on the mat – and then taking that transformation with you, into your daily life. Challenging students to access the whole of their being, using Forrest Yoga as a tool to locate the emotional and mental blocks that are controlling their lives, and to rid themselves of them; to cleanse.

Developed as Forrest was working through her own process of healing, she adopted and modified classic poses to better address the physical challenges of a modern lifestyle. When you sit at a desk, typing all day, your body undergoes different stress than a farmer might. Lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and shoulder issues – these are challenges that Hatha Yoga never sought to ameliorate – making Forrest yoga uniquely appealing to a modern lifestyle.

The Practice

Starting with Forrest Yoga doesn’t require significant strength or flexibility – though those are likely to come – but rather, a willingness to learn. Not just physically; learning to feel with authenticity, and respond with honesty.

The practice is based on four pillars: breath, strength, integrity, and finally, spirit.

Breathing deeply, connecting with your body; Forrest Yoga uses the power of your breath to bring life into your body, igniting your passion for living

Connecting with your core, to be centered and strong; Forrest Yoga is focused on intense pose sequences – tailored to help you awaken your senses – and long holds to aid deeper progression.

Teaching you proficiency with each pose, tailoring them to safely work best for you, especially in dealing with the combination of emotional and physical injuries. Working honestly around our edges helps to develop tools to deal with the challenges that face you; making room for integrity and self-awareness in your daily life.

Creating a sense of freedom; to reconnect with your Spirit, and to walk as it dictates.

So, What Is Forrest Yoga?

A deeply intense blending of the physical, emotional, and spiritual, Forrest Yoga not only heals and strengthens your body, but your spirit as well.

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