Get Fit Resolution For The New Year


Of all our commitments the New Year resolutions that we make for ourselves are perhaps the hardest to follow through for the whole year.  Somewhere along the way we get caught in the mundane and unnecessary distractions and forget about our carefully crafted resolutions to better ourselves.  The most common resolution that falls by the way side are those that we make for health and weight loss.

Holiday season is enjoyed by one and all.  Family time, social gathering, office parties are planned with delectable food being at the center of it all.  We also take delight in immersing ourselves in the pleasures of the palate.  By the time holiday season is ending, we find that we added a few more pounds in places that we least desire.  So we promise ourselves that the following year we will prioritize our weight loss goals.  And so the cycle continues.

Many a times the reason why our fitness activities takes a back seat is because we tend to do it in a goal oriented fashion.  Even when we take a brisk walk we are constantly checking our phones, preoccupied with tasks that need to be taken care of.  We are unable to drop all the compulsions of the mind and just enjoy the walk or exercise.  When we are in this mode, even exercising becomes a chore and eventually we stop it altogether.

What we need to realize is that exercising, walk or yoga is a life time activity and we need to approach it with awareness and purpose.  With our life style becoming increasingly sedentary, it is more important now than ever that we maintain a certain level activity just to say fit, healthy and disease free.   As this is something that we need to do everyday or several times a week, it is important not to let it become yet another mundane activity.  Your body, mind, heart and energy should be engaged and aligned with this activity.  For instance we enjoy our vacation because it takes us away from the daily hustle and bustle.  Similarly treat your exercise or yoga time as vacation from the day’s hectic pace and learn to love the time you spend doing it.  You also need not do the same routine every day.  Changing the type of exercise or yoga routine brings freshness and sustains interest level.  So your fitness can include walk, cardio, dancing, yoga etc.

It is always best to start slow and pick up pace as you start enjoying the routine.  Yoga offers a wonderful balance of posture and flexibility aligned with breathing, that relaxes the body calms the mind,  detoxifies and brings a happier state of being.  Not to mention, yoga when done properly can take your experiences deeper.  Once you have a taste of that experience, you will naturally start looking forward to it each day.

The activity that you choose for your health and weight loss goals should become a constant source of happiness, one that gives you much more in return – health, vigor, vitality, increased energy and fulfillment.

Get your New Year started with this yoga for weight loss video.



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