Becoming An Earth Buddy


We navigate through life making certain choices that make us happy. Our choices generally fall into these categories – family, friends, job, house, car etc. If you observe these choices closely, you will notice that something fundamental is missing from the equation. Our dreams, desires and what we value rest on something priceless and invaluable upon which our very survival is dependent.  While it should have been obvious to us from the beginning, it is the most forgotten.  

We see and ignore it every day. It is right beneath our feet – SOIL.  You may think this is a joke.  Well, think again.  

The greatest gadget that is ever created is our body.  And this body is nothing but a composition of different chemicals, which we get through the foods that we eat.  The health that we experience through our bodies, is a direct result of the nutrition in our fruits, vegetables and grains, which cannot be substituted by supplements.  The quality of the meat that we consume depends on the nutrition content of the food the animals eat.  

Below is the balance of the equation needed to keep us and our children healthy and well.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy and Happy People

And how does this nutrition get into our food? Through SOIL.  The healthier the soil, the more nutritious food we derive from Mother Earth.  Soil is by far the most biologically diverse part of Earth.  It is the biggest habitat on the planet and is home to zillions of life forms. Without them, our soil cannot produce food. A teaspoon of soil can contain more organisms than there are humans living on Earth.  These organisms interact with one another, with plants and small animals forming a web of biological activity, which plays a key role in nutrient cycling.

This fantastic nutrient recycling activity by our friendly, life-giving microorganisms happens at the surface levels of the soil, the same soil or ground that we walk on, unaware of the complex metamorphosis taking place right beneath our feet!

Unfortunately, the quality of the soil has been depleting over the years due to massive strain on the agricultural lands.  According to Scientific American, to get the same nutritional value that our grandparents got from one orange, we would have to eat eight oranges.  

Over cultivation, prolonged exposure of soil to sun and wind, deforestation, excessive use of artificial fertilizers are some of the causes of loss of these microorganisms that are extremely vital to soil enrichment and nutrition. When soil gets degraded, it releases carbon into the air, warming the planet, leading to climate change. 

The UN estimates that we could lose all cultivable soil in the next 60 years. The World Economic Forum predicts that food production could fall by 30% in the next 20 years.  With a population expected to reach 9.3 billion by 2045, we could soon face a food crisis of unimaginable proportions. If past wars were fought for gold, then future wars will be for cultivable agricultural land – which is fast turning into a scarce resource.  

Now, can you see why soil is the foundation upon which our dreams, desires and ambition rest? Soil nutrient depletion is silently creeping up on us and putting our very survival at stake. It is important that each one of us makes our voices heard so that our governments can implement the necessary policies for saving this biggest habitat on the planet

Can we do something about reviving our precious life-giving SOILYES, we can.  If we put back 3% organic content in the soil by bringing the agricultural land under tree cover and through animal droppings, the soil will naturally regain its healthy nutrient levels.

To ensure SOIL SURVIVAL, on March 21st, 2022, as a lone motorcyclist Sadhguru will embark on a journey across 30,000 km from London to Southern India, covering 25 nations, to activate and demonstrate the support of 3.5 billion citizens and encourage policy changes. 

How can you be involved? Become an Earth Buddy and speak to your friends, family and just about anyone to make them aware of how important this is to our very existence. If this propelled you to do something, you can take action by joining the Save Soil movement today – Join the Movement – Conscious Planet

Watch this to learn more: What’s the Biggest Threat to Our Lives? | Sadhguru – YouTube



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