What is an Aura?


Our eyes can only see a tiny band across the whole electromagnetic field which spans from Gamma rays to X rays, ultraviolet, visible, infrared, microwave, and radio waves.  Obviously just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.  So it is with energy auras.

Everything in creation is made of energy, science has proven this.  The energy manifests as gross matter in the physical world we are familiar with, but beyond the gross physical boundary of any substance, there is a subtle energy field.  This goes for any object, as well as living creatures.  So human beings have an energy aura as well, which are actually visible to certain accomplished yogis and sages, as well as specific types of photographic equipment.

A human being’s aura can range from pitch black to pure white, and every possible shade of color in between.  The aura is a representation of the emotional, mental, physical, and energetic state of a human being at a particular time, as well as one’s karmic structure.  So of course for a person, it can shift somewhat and is not static.  Based on what is going on within a person, so it shows up on the aura.

We’ve all heard of the adage, beauty is skin deep.  Well the aura is even more superficial than skin – a periphery outside the skin.  So instead of focusing on the aura, we should focus on the source.  How are we within?  Let’s look at the inner cause, not the outer effect.  For a spiritual seeker, the core is what’s important.  Nurturing inner wellbeing will naturally yield a wonderful aura.  But going around comparing one’s aura to another’s… that’s akin to comparing bank accounts or whatever.  Let’s not make the aura another opportunity for ego-identification.

Now, if we can get over assigning any magic and mystery to our aura and just see it as an extension of our body, then we can cleanse it just like we cleanse the body.  As part of all spiritual traditions, before entering a sacred site, pilgrims have always cleaned themselves.  Through bathing, we clean our bodies.  Through our diet, we keep our constitution free of impurities.  Through a yogic process known as bhuta shuddhi, we can clean the five fundamental elements that we are made of.  Similarly, through a particular process, the aura can be purified as well.  In temples, the process is called klesha nashana kriya in which various substances are used, including neem leaves and fire.

Our bodies reflect how we have lived, and so it is with the aura.  Yes it can be cleansed but ultimately the most important thing is how we live.

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