Bring “Abundance” Into Your Life


Abundance is all around us. If we look outside we find countless things – grass, worms, insects, etc. The universe is an ever growing phenomenon, and the cosmos is littered with countless stars and galaxies.  We too are part of this growth and abundance.  Of course from a space perspective this planet has a predetermined amount of space.  However the energy that makes up all this is infinite.

We are also energy beings, but for most people it is not fully in their awareness.  The physical body and mind is what we think about the most.  As we are energy beings and everything is energy, we can attract the energy of love, prosperity, health, success etc in abundance.  The more we tune into ourselves and realize that we are more than this body and mind, the more we open ourselves to the prosperity that is present within us and all around us.

If we observe our thoughts – the program that controls our actions and emotions – we find that  most of it is negative. A large percentage of our thoughts is around how we cannot do something and how it is not possible.  The first step towards bringing abundance in our life is to “Think Possible”.  Think of it as a road that takes us to our desired destination. Would we travel on a road that dead ends and leaves us nowhere to go?  Of course not!

It is time to realize that we deeply crave for growth, fulfillment and more of everything – or in other words “abundance”.  It is only our negative thoughts that stop us from fulfilling that possibility.  These thought patterns makes us feel more like victims of external circumstances.  When we feel like a victim, life becomes accidental or a game of chance where we don’t seem to have a choice. In abundance there is more happiness, joyfulness, and therefore more control over how we want life to happen for ourselves.

So let’s look at how we can take the negativity out of our lives.

1) Become aware of your negative thinking and take positive actions to diminish that negativity.

2) Stop being the victim and take charge of your life.  Embrace your current situation. Don’t walk away from it.  Find a trusted friend that will help you navigate through the situation. Learn from it and see what it was that overwhelmed you about the situation. Think about how you would handle it differently if a similar situation presented itself again.

3) Take responsibility for your thoughts, and the actions stemming from them. Once your realize you are responsible for all your thoughts, you will feel the motivation to take a step toward changing the way you think and feel.  Know that “this is your life” and take ownership of it.

4) Doing Yoga and Meditation takes our attention inward and gets us in touch with our inner self. It helps expand our awareness about ourselves, makes us peaceful, brings transformation and empowers us to create our life the way we want it.

When we are in a state of balance within ourselves, we are in touch with the cosmic energy. Now we are ripe for abundance to flow into every aspect of our lives.

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