How To Practice Mindfulness


Learning to become mindful can empower your productivity greatly and enhance your life. As you practice mindfulness you will find yourself becoming calmer and more capable of handling situations that come your way.


Steps to Practice Mindfulness

Set Aside Time For Yourself

Once you decide that you want to practice mindfulness, it is important that you set some time aside in your day just for the practice. Just like any other activity, meditation requires dedicated time and focus. It is best to choose the same time every day if possible to fit into your routine.

The best time to sit for meditation is early in the morning after a shower. Your mind is clear and the day is ahead of you. If this is not possible for you, evenings also work well or right before going to bed to get deep, restful sleep. Just ensure that you stay alert if you are meditating right before bedtime. You can have more than one session a day if you wish to.

Choose An Appropriate Ambience

The right ambience can help you become mindful with more ease. With yoga and meditation becoming more popular, there are many options you can choose from. If you choose to practice mindfulness in the company of others, you may opt for a meditation class, a yoga class or nature walks.

If you prefer to practice in solitude, you may do so in the comforts of your own home. It is best to not practice being mindful sitting on your bed as initially there is a tendency to fall asleep.

Sit Quietly With Your Back Comfortably Straight

Holding a good posture is key to being mindful. When you begin you may sit on the carpeted floor or a cushion, cross-legged. If this is difficult for you, you can also sit on a chair with your palms on your lap.

There are different types of meditation seats and cushions available in the market today. You may choose any one of these options to make your session more comfortable and enjoyable.

Focus On Your Breath and Connect To The Present Moment

The easiest way to bring your mind to the present moment is to focus on your breath. This is the simplest way as it brings awareness to the body and reality with ease.

It cuts through the mental noise and allows you to bring a sense of calm and quiet to the internal world. As your practice deepens you will be able to be aware of your breath beyond your meditation sessions, in your day to day life.

Deepen The Practice of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a skill. It needs to be practiced and honed. As you become aware more effortlessly, you will notice the experience of life becomes deeper and more beautiful. Colors will appear more vivid and the world will come alive as you touch the joy and quietude within you.

Whether you wish to practice mindfulness because you want to get to know yourself or if you simply wish to become more calm and efficient in your daily life. Whatever the goal is practising mindfulness can do wonders for your physical and mental health.