6 Yoga Poses For Fibromyalgia


Being in a condition of chronic pain and fibromyalgia can be very difficult for anybody to execute any form of exercise. The good thing is that those who suffer from this condition should be applying yoga as it can be adapted for the individual needs of each person.

This can be perfect option as yoga can calm the mind as well as reduce stress. Moreover, this can be a great tool to reduce the trigger of fibromyalgia attacks and at the same time, it can gently loosen your cramped muscles. Here are some famous yoga poses for fibromyalgia.

1. Child’s Pose

This posture should allow you to turn inside as you quiet your mind. This is the nature of the pose as it eliminates the outside stimulus to allow your focus on the breathing. You can round your back or reach your arms forward in order to stretch your shoulders.

2. Legs Up the Wall

When you think of a typical upright pose, this is the gentlest inversion that you can consider. You will be able to stretch and relax the muscles of your legs and hips with this pose. Due to the shifting of the gravity to your lower extremities, you will be working to reduce the fatigue and swelling as you go against the blood flow on your legs.

3. The Mountain Pose

To those who are non-yogic, this pose should only look like a simple standing. However, when attention should be given, it should be able to decrease the stress levels. So as you ground into the earth, you can draw your shoulders down the back, and lengthen the spine as you breathe. This can also allow you to relax your organs and muscles throughout the body.

4. The Standing Forward Fold

If you are looking for a good posture for calming effect, this is the pose you are looking for. This opens the entire back of your body that should be perfect depending on the degree of flexibility or pain. Anyway, this can be modified according to your needs.

5. The Savasana

This posture can be executed at any time in order to quiet the mind as you relax your body. This is more than just lying down though, but the Savasana can teach you to ignore your outside stimuli. It will enable you to begin accepting where you are as you can simply be at the moment. Moreover, you can simply relax and turn your organs and muscles to any easy state.

6. The Cobra Pose

The cobra posture can allow the front body and chest to open while stretching and strengthening the back. These are highly sensitive areas for those who suffer from fibromyalgia. You may need to ease into this posture and begin by just putting your palms alongside the chest. At the same time, you can breathe as your forehead is still on the floor. You can work your way from there by lifting the body that should work for you.

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