6 Yoga Kriyas Cleansing Techniques


Yoga is as much a physical exercise as a psychological process, helping you to get relief from stress and facilitating meditation. Yoga has many health benefits and apart from weight loss, increased metabolism, stronger immunity and better gastrointestinal health, there are some kriyas that can help your body to detoxify. These are also referred to as yoga kriyas cleansing techniques.

There are six yoga kriyas cleansing techniques targeting the muscles, bones, joints, internal organs, blood components, energy and even breathing. From the respiratory health to digestive systems, everything is targeted with the collective of yoga kriyas cleansing techniques.

1. Nauli

Nauli is a technique that involves shaking or churning of the belly. It stimulates the peristalsis process in the intestines, liver, stomach and the process of digestion. In a nutshell, nauli helps the gastrointestinal system to generate more waste by extracting the unnecessary components from the digested food and to facilitate the excretion of such waste, some of which may be toxic. Nauli should be practiced on an empty stomach and never after a meal.

2. Neti

Neti is a kriya cleansing technique that cleanses the nasal tract. There is string neti or sutra and water neti or jala. Neti would help protect the nasal passages from accumulation of dust, bacteria and pollen. Regular practice of neti will prevent these particulate matters and toxins from getting to the lungs. Neti also helps in easier breathing, strengthened immunity to protect one from allergens and cold, to clear the nostril during cough and it can also help reduce snoring.

3. Vasti

Vasti is a method to cleanse the colon. It is not very different from enema. There are enema bags you can use. The traditional methods of using a thin bamboo tube or a tiny tube are not used anymore. Vasti can help you to get rid of the toxic buildup in the colon. Every human being has some toxic buildup in the colon and this must be gotten rid of for optimum health.

4. Tratakum

Tratakum is a kriya to cleanse the eyes and also emotions. The technique is simple. You need to light a candle and stare at its flame. This facilitates concentration and corrects the tones of vision. While you would be relaxed and calm, your eyes would be cleansed as they start to glisten and ooze water out. You should sit upright while you gaze at the flame without blinking.

5. Kapalabhati

Kapalabhati requires you to sit straight with the spine upright. But you should be comfortable and relaxed, not worked up or stressed physically. You should take a few deep breaths moving the diaphragm out and in as you inhale and exhale. The exhale must be a little forced to pump out more air than you have inhaled. This cleanses your lungs.

6. Hrid Dhauti

Hrid Dhauti and Danta Dhauti are two yoga kriyas cleansing techniques meant for the tongue and the teeth. You could use tongue scrapers to remove the plaque. Brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth should attend to the teeth.

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