4 Kundalini Yoga Techniques


Kundalini yoga is one of the myriad types of yoga techniques that are widely practiced for a plethora of health benefits. Kundalini yoga can cleanse the body, clear the chakras, offer relief from stress, facilitate relaxation and calming of the mind, help in meditation and also assist detoxification of the body, also referred to as cleansing.

There are many kundalini yoga techniques in which there are seven basic poses or postures. These seven basic postures or kundalini yoga techniques must be practiced by all as they collectively target the seven chakras. The chakras don’t exist in isolation and they are all interrelated. Hence, attending to the chakras holistically is primarily what kundalini yoga techniques pertain to.

1. Crow Post

Crow pose is one of the first kundalini yoga techniques you should master. It is very similar to squatting. You should spread out your arms straight ahead at your shoulder level running perpendicular to your chest. Stay upright, squat all the way down till you can and then come back up again. Repeat this ten times or twenty times if you can for as many sets you want.

2. Frog Post

The second technique is the frog pose. While the crow pose attends to the root chakra, the frog pose attends to the sacral chakra. The frog pose needs you to bend straight so the upper and lower halves of your body run parallel as your fingers touch the ground at about six inches from your feet. Now you should squat down, lowering your hips while not moving your feet or hands from the ground. You would get the frog pose. Then pick your hips back up to the original position and then repeat the squat to return to the frog pose. Exhale as you squat downward and inhale as you straighten your knees.

3. Stretch Pose

Stretch pose is for the solar plexus. Lie down on the ground, lift your head off the ground for about six inches and also raise your feet while keeping your legs straight at the knees for about six inches from the ground. Keep your arms straight staring at the feet, hold this posture for a few seconds as you breathe in and out, go back to the straight lying position and repeat.

4. Camel Pose

Camel pose is a little difficult for beginners. You can try arching backward as much as you can and try the camel pose after a few weeks of training. Cobra pose targets the throat chakra. You should lie face down on the ground. Keep your body dead straight and then lift your thorax off the ground while keeping the pelvic unmoved. The other two basic kundalini yoga techniques are guru pranam and sat kriya. These are simpler techniques and easy to master.

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