Nidra Yoga Techniques


It is known that every person with a lack of physical activity has a higher risk to experience all kinds of health problems including depression, fatigue, sleepiness, stress, anxiety. This is all due to the dynamic lives we live and the lack of relaxation and peace. It is not that we don’t want to find it, we don’t know how. Every person wants to find inner peace and be able to finish all their daily obligations without feeling stressed.

What if I told you that this can be accomplished with one of the oldest relaxation techniques? Yoga Nidra is the name of this technique that can help you feel like a normal human being. It is a state of deep awareness and relaxation, a process where the body manages to relax completely, physically and mentally. It is a fact that we cannot stop our mind from working, since it is a normal process, but we can definitely make it relax and focus it on something good and positive. With the help of these yoga nidra techniques we can control the restless mind and make it focus on the positive things in life.

What is Yoga Nidra and How to Practice It?

Yoga nidra is a very simple technique and can be performed by anyone. What you need to do is lay on your back. Do not be confused if you see yoga practitioners who perform this technique in a sitting position. They are doing it because they are more experienced. During the process, the practitioner should wear comfortable clothes that will allow them to move without any problem.

Once you lie on your back in savasana, the body should be covered with a sheet and you should remain in that position without making any movements. Close your eyes and separate the hands from the body and the feet should be slightly apart. Once you find a comfortable position, stay like that and do not move. While practicing the yoga nidra, the mind should be completely focused on the instructions and nothing else. Make sure you do not fall asleep.

This technique is very beneficial and it can be performed every day. People who regularly practice yoga nidra achieve spiritual growth and development. Their mind is focused on positive things and they have achievable life goals. Why waiting, find your yoga instructor and start practicing today, to feel the benefits tomorrow.

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