5 Zen Meditation Techniques


Zen meditation is the kind where throughout the meditation session you are in a sitting position. Zen meditation includes various techniques ranging from postures to breathing techniques. Below are the techniques of Zen meditation. There are different types of position that ensure you practice and benefit from Zen meditation.

1. Burmese

This includes sitting with both legs crossed while resting the feet flat on the floor. The knees should also rest flat on the floor. Getting the legs in this position will require practicing stretching exercises to loosen up the muscles. Sit on the front third of your meditation zafu (cushion) and shift your torso forward a little bit. Get your head, neck, spine straight while not being too tense or relaxed.

2. Half-Lotus

Place your left foot on the right thigh and tuck your right leg under the shin of your left foot. This is an asymmetrical position, and you should alternate which leg goes up to avoid soreness. Ensure to keep your head, neck, and spine straight, after a couple of Zen meditation sessions; you will be able to sit in the full lotus position.

3. Full Lotus

This is the most stable of the Zen meditation postures where both feet are on the opposite thigh. Efficiency and stability are the main take-ups points from this sitting technique while keeping your head, neck, and spine straight.

4. Seiza

For this technique, you start by kneeling and resting your buttocks on the heels of your feet. You can use a Zen meditation pillow or a Seiza bench to keep the weight off from your ankles while helping you put your head, neck, and spine straight.

5. Chair

You can also sit on a chair and place your heels flat on the ground. Do not forget to keep your back, head, and neck straight.

For these postures, your dominant hand palm up goes under the less dominant hand also palm up while pressing the tips of your thumbs together.


The above positions will greatly aid in the breathing technique by allowing the diaphragm to move freely. Use deep breathing techniques by gently directing the air into your stomach rather than the chest. Inhale and exhale through your nose while keeping the mouth shut, and the tongue pressed to the upper pallet of the mouth.

What matters most in Zen meditation is to free the mind and uncover the mind to gain an accurate understanding of your true self. Masters and practitioners of the Zen meditation, in many posts and books, state that you end up being aware of your real thoughts as well as feelings in every moment in any environment.

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