4 Chakra Meditation Techniques


There are 7 known chakras or energy centers as they are known. Energy in and out of the body through the chakras. Mental and physical energy result from the blocking of the smooth flow of the energy. The question then begs: what exactly is a chakra?

It is a kind of a wheel in Ayurvedic terms. Chakras align themselves in the spine from the base to the crown.One has to visualize the wheel spinning in order to visualize the point of meeting between consciousness and matter. Prana, the energy in chakra is what gives us health, vibrancy and life.

If you would like to learn the chakra meditation technique, you have to know and master the steps to take. The first thing you need is to sit in a comfortable position. With spine in straight up position, start focusing on all parts of the body.During the focusing aspect, one should let the respective parts to relax so that stress can ebb away.

1. Focus On Breath

The breath holds an important part of the chakra system. The breathing should be relaxed and natural. One should pay undivided attention to both the inhalation and exhalation. Start to focus on the oxygen as it enters through the nostrils and lungs, all the way to the bloodstream. From here, start to see it enter the cells, tissues and all the boy organs.

2. Heartbeat

Visualize your heart beat every second and minute. You should be able to see the body parts functioning in perfect harmony.Make a connection between their function and the act of breathing.

3. Life Giving Energy

You should be able to see in your meditative state, a life -giving energy entering the body alongside the air we breathe. Watch as the energy in yellow-orange flows within the system and mixes with your aura. Now see as the aura transforms to a bright, strong and energized state.

4. Energize the Individual Chakra

Watch as each chakra gets energized starting from the root chakra to the chakra at the crown. Visualize once again, the energy coming from the base of the earth.

Move up in the chakra positions with the sacral chakra being the next in line. Infuse life -giving energy in them and dedicate time on each. Do the same to the heart, throat, solar plex and head chakras.

See all chakras in one unified form, being nourished by energy in your breath as well as earth.

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