How to Meditate for Sleep


In the United States, more than a third of adults find it hard to sleep or are sleep deprived. Whether it is due to aging or stress, not having enough sleep has a negative effect on people, from lack of concentration to daytime sleepiness. Worse, chronic sleeplessness can lead to insomnia and medical conditions. While some turn to tea for its calming effects, not all people can drink tea. One of the effective ways to have better sleep is through meditation. What are the tricks to meditate for sleep?

1. Use aromatherapy.

Set the mood in the bedroom by having making use of aromatherapy. There are oils you can buy that can trigger a calming effect to the mind, such as, lavender or chamomile. You can apply this on your pillow and on your temples to inhale them deeply. Simply massage these oils on your temples for a soothing effect.

2. Create a relaxing ambiance with calming music playing.

Relaxing music can have an effect to the body and mind because it is instrumental in initiating the relaxation response. By listening to meditation music even for at least 30 minutes before going to bed can helps slow down the brain and relax the body. Focus on the music to regulate breathing and send it to a meditative state. You can maximize its effect by fixing the bed and using comfortable sheets and fluffy pillows. Dim the lights if you cannot sleep in total darkness but if you can, it is more helpful to turn off the lights completely and set the room temperature in a comfortable setting.

3. Do yawning exercises.

With breathing in essential oils and having relaxation music in the background, hasten your sleepiness by yawning even if you do not feel like it. Studies have shown that by mimicking yawning, you can reduce tension in the body and make yourself sleepy. Yawning releases stress and it also sends messages to the brain that the body needs to rest. Perhaps, you have noticed that if you see someone yawning, you also have the tendency to do so and feel sleepy as well.

4. Use color to visualize as you breathe.

Imagery or visualization can also help in sending your brain and body into a meditative state. As you breathe in and out, imagine a certain color to train your brain and focus on what you see. After a while, think of another color. Repeat this exercise over and over until you feel the heaviness in your eyes.

5. Recite a mantra or a phrase.

If visualization will not work for you, reciting a phrase over and over or saying a prayer is also an effective way to focus on not let your mind wander. Do this as you inhale and exhale slowly and just concentrate on what you have chosen to focus on.

You can also try to set a regular time for sleeping to set the internal clock of your body to complement your meditation for a relaxing sleep. By knowing the tricks for sleep meditation, you will fall asleep more easily and have a well-rested sleep.

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