5 Yoga Meditation Techniques


There are different meditation techniques in yoga as there are many yoga styles. Apart from learning the basic yoga poses, there are also ways to meditate in yoga in order to train the mind and achieve unity with the universe. Classical yoga is divided into three: posture, breathing exercises and meditation. In this particular topic, we will discuss the different types of yoga meditation.

1. Mantra Meditation

This type of meditation employs the use of sounds and is considered a powerful and effective technique. Mantra meditation is practiced by chanting phrases or sacred sounds chosen by the individual and said repeatedly to achieve results. As vibration strikes the eardrum, it is carried to the brain and these repeated vibrations stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands. As the words or phrases are recited or the sound are made, the meditator does so in a way that a pattern is created and conscious engagement is expected from the individual.

2. Imagery

Visualization is another meditation technique and is ideal for beginners. This is done by choosing an object such as a flower, the waves or the clouds. Other people also make use of the seven chakras in which concentration is placed on any of the parts of the body, such as the heart. Since the heart signifies how a person loves, focus should be on the feeling of love to stimulate this chakra. This is done in silence as the meditator think of God, a deity, a friend or a particular person. It is believed that this feeling is so powerful that it can be more powerful than the thinking process and consequently empties the state of mind.

3. Gazing Meditation

Also referred to as Trataka, this is another form of imagery in which there is an external object included in the practice. This object can be a symbol, an image or a candle and done with the eyes open and closed. This is important to familiarize the mind with visualization and concentration. Another technique is gazing at what is known as the third eye, which is the point in the middle of the eyebrows and the nose tip. Concentration is focused on this point which results to silencing of the mind.

4. Dzogchen Meditation

This type of meditation is common in Tibetan Buddhism and is considered a natural path. This is so because this is perform without breathing exercises or chanting. Instead, this is done with eyes open and knowing that what is important for you to know and feel to meditate is within you.

5. Kundalini Meditation

This is quite a challenging technique because of complexity. This yoga meditation type focuses on the awakening of the “kundalini energy” which is dormant on the base of the space, enlightenment and the development of the psychic centers of the body. Because of the risks of practicing this technique, beginners are not advised to perform this without guidance.

Learning the different yoga meditation techniques will make it easier to explore them and choose what practice will work well to achieve inner peace and calmness.

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